Swoosh and Tagline

The DDOT swoosh and “d. delivers” tagline are secondary branding elements that embody DDOT’s active and energetic role in the community.

Careful attention should be paid to the spatial relationship between the DDOT swoosh and the other design elements, as the swoosh is meant to be an accent or contrast in the design but not the sole center of interest.

The curvature of the DDOT swoosh should be adaptable and is meant to evolve with the brand over time. The suggested usage for the swoosh is for it to include any or all of DDOT’s official colors.

The DDOT tagline should be maintained in the spatial relationship shown. It should also be used with DDOT’s approved secondary logo in order to avoid a “lock up” that is too cluttered and information- heavy. It is appropriate to include the reference to “district department of transportation” along with the tagline.

A few swoosh variations are available to download below. Please contact us if you would like a custom swoosh for your project.

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