The SCHS Counseling Department

South Caldwell High School is fortunate to have 4 school counselors serving over 1,500 students.  Our student body is divided into 4 categories. Those categories determine who their counselor is. All 9th grade Spartan Academy students work with one counselor & grades 10-12 are divided by last name.  The breakdown is as follows:

We are also lucky to have two college advisors on campus.  Students interested in attending a 2-year college or a 4-year college or university can schedule an appointment with either Mrs. Mitzi Triplett or Ms. Laura Burgess. Our career development coordinator, Mrs. Amy Braswell, is also available to assist students interested in internships in the community.

Mrs. Triplett works directly with Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute.  She coordinates the college courses offered on the SCHS campus and as serves as the transition counselor for students entering a 2-year college.  Although she works closely with CCC&TI, she specializes in working with students interested in any 2-year college.

Ms. Burgess is our college adviser who specializes in 4-year institutions.  Students with questions about ACT/SAT, college admissions applications, FAFSA/financial aid, scholarships, and choosing a major can set up an appointment with Ms. Burgess for one-on-one guidance.

Mrs. Braswell is our career development coordinator. She helps arrange internships, follows up on students registered for career courses, & works to ensure SCHS students are prepared for careers after high school.

Counselors are usually in the office Monday through Friday from 7:45am until 3:15pm, but our schedules can be unpredictable.  Students and parents interested in meeting with a counselor should set up an appointment with our department secretary, Mrs. Julie Byrd, at (828) 396-2188 or contact us directly via email.

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