IIREF: Education Philosophy, Compliance & Goals

As a corporate university, IIREF strives to provide an environment which helps students understand the business of real estate finance whilst fulfilling the corporate goals of MortgageQuote Canada Corp.

Education Philosophy

IIREF provides students the ability to attain both declarative knowledge and procedural knowledge through its extensive use of co-operative education based training modules. This provides students the ability to learn real estate finance theory and then apply the concepts to real-world situations in business.

Legislative-Compliant Curriculum

All content in the course curriculum is fully compliant with the legislation, rules and regulations within the jurisdictions that our partner companies serve. If a student of IIREF is legally entitled to work in any one of the jurisdictions and fulfills all necessary legal, financial or other requirements, they may have sufficient training and experience to successfully compete for occupation licensing examinations as follows:

Some students at IIREF, primarily those who are residents of any one of the jurisdictions in which our partner companies serve, might already have successfully completed licensing examinations and are now in the training phase of their career.

Goals of IIREF

    • Establish and organized training program (EFTS - employee friendly training system)
    • Foster an attitude of "continuous improvement"
    • Maintain benchmarks that measure returns on education investment
    • Effect a common culture, sense of loyalty and build an "esprit de corp"
    • Ensure the company, institute and students remain competitive today and into the future
    • Forge long term employee retention
    • Minimize quality defects
    • Maximize systemic solutions to business processes