Mortgage BPO Administrator Certification (MBPO-C)

Mortgage BPO Administrator Certification (MBPO-C)

Prerequisite: Acceptance by recommendation. Must be an exemplary student at the LAMA level or higher; and be recognized by faculty and management as a person with strong leadership potential with a sincere desire to work hard and succeed.

- this is a 4 year co-operative education program

- Year 1 - Understanding Mortgage Theory & Practice - Canada

- LAMA Level 1/Level 2

- Year 2 - Understanding Mortgage Mathematics

- Lama Level 3

- Mortgage BPO Ops Management Theory and Practice

- Year 3 - Understand Mortgage Law/Regulatory Issues

- Mortgage BPO Quality Assurance/Auditing/Reporting Systems

- Business Management

- Year 4 - Practical Training

- Testing

- Auditing

- Review

Outcome: An MBPO-C is able to work in any department and manage the overal operations of a Canadian mortgage brokerage firm.