TDT Dance Company


Each team member will receive an 8x12 of the posted photo. Special thanks to Zack Pass Photography!

Information for TDT Members:

Congratulations to the new team members for 2019-2020! I will be posting a full list of names here once everyone has had a chance to check their emails! Remember to follow through with the action items listed in your email; that is one of my first "tests" for you as individuals!

  • Student Choreography posted! Check Subpage!
  • Remember that you are held accountable for anything posted on this website as well as the calendar! We don't have time in class to constantly go over everything that we do!
  • Stay posted to our calendar for events -these are being updated daily!
  • Theme: Communication/Language!!
  • 7:15am start time -Class is officially starting at 7:15am every B-day.
  • Parent Feedback -I do encourage you to contact me directly -emails (knewsome@alpinedistrict.org) are the preferable method but calls and texts are acceptable. I'd love to hear the solutions you have as well as the good things you see happening!