TDT Dance Company

Each team member will receive an 8x10 of the above photo. Special thanks to Zack Pass Photography!

Information for TDT Members:
  • Shakespeare! 
  • The purpose of the trip is first and foremost, TEAM BONDING! We also get the opportunity to take classes, see high quality performances, plus submit a competition number to represent MDT so that's all really good too.
    It's looking like it will be about $200 -this includes a charter bus, hotel stay, tickets to see "The Foreigner", and registration for the competition!

    There are a few things that I need from you:
    Parent Approval: This is a form essentially saying that you think this trip is a worthwhile trip. Please  click here to fill out the form online! I NEED THIS ASAP!!

    Commitment Form: This will be the official form to save your place for the trip. This will be handed out Monday, Aug. 27 and will be due by Friday the 31st! 

    "Evening of Shakespeare" is currently scheduled for Thur. Sept. 20 -more info on this coming soon!

    For those who commit:
    Tour Meeting: Wednesday, Sept. 12 at 7pm in the drama room -this is where you will get your rooming list, packing list, itinerary, a couple other required forms, etc. 

    Competition: Sept. 27-Sept. 29. Right now it's looking like we'll leave during lunch time. I anticipate being back to school on Saturday by 6pm.

  • Team Photo Shoot/Dance Teams Social: 
  • Related imageSept. 15. You will want to carpool and bring a little cash to chip-in for gas and the canyon fee. Meet at THS at 6:10 so we can be up to Tibble Fork in American Fork Canyon by 7am! 

    Team photo will be in nice, business casual clothes that fit the color scheme as well as a few shots in our team apparel -don't forget to bring jacket, leggings, and shoes!

    Along with team photos, we will be doing some heat shots, class shots, and then you also will be able to do 2 individual "action shots" -please think of these ahead of time so that we don't waste time on location. I recommend one shape/pose that you can hold, and then one shot that is in motion -like a jump or leap. These individual shots you can be wearing any color. 
    Color Scheme is light colors -see picture for color suggestions.
    Photos will be available for purchase after we receive them. All team members will receive an 8x10 of a team shot!

    DANCE TEAMS SOCIAL: this was once a popular event held that we want to bring back. Essentially, all three of our dance teams will have the chance to get to know each other and forge new ties and appreciations. We will have some activities while we are up there provided by each team's student leadership groups. Of course there will also be refreshments!
    We will play until all the photos have been taken and all the food has been eaten. Right now we are estimating finishing about noon.

  • Homecoming Carnival, Halftime, and our First Spirit Leading! Check the calendar for our times! 

  • Team Drive for 2018-2019 has been activated. Those of you who have filled out the contact info have been shared on it! You do need to have a gmail account (personal or the one the school provides you). Please, please let me know if you still need to be added to our team drive!

  • New Team Members Announced! Audition result emails have been sent out -let me know if you didn't receive your email! For those that made it on TDT, see the "Subpages for TDT" to the right for the Contact Information request of you! Congratulations to the following:
    Lina Barrick
    Quincey Crabb
    Kwincee Ericksen
    Melanie Gomez
    Keslie Heath
    Shaylee Jensen
    Hailey Nicole Knipe
    Alyssa McIff
    Darcie Miles
    Heidi Neilsen
    Maddie Nielsen
    Brooklyn Reed
    Sarah Millett
    Brooke Sorenson
    Mattie Spencer
    Paige Wagstaff

  • Stay posted to our calendar for events -these are being updated daily!
  • Theme: We are still working on wording, but the general theme is: Communication/Language!!

  • 7:15am start time -Class is officially starting at 7:15am every B-day. 

  • Parent Feeback -I do encourage you to contact me directly -emails (knewsome@alpinedistrict.org) are the preferable method but calls and texts are acceptable. I'd love to hear the solutions you have as well as the good things you see happening!