Momentum Dance Team


The pictured image you will each receive one 8x10 print of! Special thanks to Emma Sorensen and Zack Pass!

Things to note:

Congratulations to the new team members for 2019-2020! I will be posting a full list of names here once everyone has had a chance to check their emails! Remember to follow through with the action items listed in your email; that is one of my first "tests" for you as individuals!

Aiden Baker

Ashley Storrer

Emarie Thomas

Emma Dawn Bergin

Emma Ricks

Isabel Stoker

Jessica Smith

Keila Torres Montana

Kirsten Platt

Larissa Maldonado

Lisana Alonso

Macady Carl

Margo Liechty

Merissa Davies

Molly Hawkes

Morgan Hansen

Sydney Torgersen

  • CHOREOGRAPHERS! Remember that I need music, costume choices, titles, etc. Keep up with your calendar due dates!
  • Theme: Communication/Language!
  • Keep checking website/calendar for updates and information.
  • Earn some money!
    • Car Wash: is scheduled for September! Your job: ask family, friends, neighbors, and even complete strangers if they will pledge $0.10 for each car we wash (up to $10), spread the news of a free car wash, then after we've counted the cars, you have about a week to collect your pledges!
    • Sponsorships: Summer is the BEST time for this but you can always find your sponsorships! Food, clothing, mom-n-pop stores, photography, etc. are all good places to ask. Please look through the document page of files for sponsorships and let's earn some money for costumes, speakers, trips, etc!
    • Living Legends Pre-sell: In January we will be preselling tickets to Living Legend's concert that will be held here at THS. You are in charge of the tickets given out to you so however many tickets you take, I should get equal amount paid into our fundraiser account and/or tickets returned -you will be charged for missing amounts. **Not this year**
    • Alpine School District Foundation: Form found on the Document page. This is the simpliest way for people to donate money to our team. Make sure they check/label the correct box and mail it in (or turn in the sealed envelope to me) and all the money will go directly to our account while the district mails a charitable donation tax deductable receipt.