DANCE 1 & 2

  • Extra Credit: You know these don't come often! Sign up for a shift to help host a dance competition here at the school! Click here to sign-up!

  • Be checking this website often! The calendar under this Dance 2 page is specifically going to tell you what is coming up and when things are due -not to mention some extra credit here and there. There is the document subpage with all your assignments and vocabulary. The main calendar will tell you what concerts you can see for your Concert Critique assignment, as well as any other information pertinent to the dance department as a whole!

  • BEST Vocab -We've been reviewing what these mean (as they are discussed in depth in Dance 1) and you will be tested on them so keep them in your brains as we continue on!

  •  Concert Dates this semester: May 10th and 11th!!
    Put these into your calendars right away!!