Sponsorship Program

We are currently working with RevelTV to find local businesses who would like to sponsor Momentum Dance Team and we will advertise your company here at Timpanogos!

Sponsorship Amount Updates -notice the change!

Platinum = $400

Gold = $250

Silver = $150

The basics:

How It Works:

· Decide which option works best for your business

· Fill out the RevelTV form and submit it with a check to Timpanogos High School (you can give it to your student contact, who then will turn it into their director)

· RevelTV will contact you and create your custom business commercial or ad

Why Choose RevelTV To Advertise Your Business?

· Easy access to the lucrative 15-18 year old demographic with our in-school network of 5-6 large flat screen HDTVs

· You can choose to have your ad/commercial created by RevelTV’s professional graphic artist

· Your ad/commercial will play on average our TVs about 3 times per hour.

· Ads can be changed monthly to reflect your current specials with no extra charge

· Your business will receive a 100% tax write-off

The documents:

On the Momentum Team page, there is a subpage that contains all the documents related to this sponsorship in the Sponsorship Program tab, or you can click here and see the document you need to fill out.

Interested in helping out?

If you are interested in helping out Timpanogos's Momentum Dance Team, whether through the RevelTV program, donations, other programs, etc. please contact the team director: Kristi Newsome knewsome@alpinedistrict.org