ITS Certification Review

The ITS Certification Review is the process used by the IT Specialist program to assess the degree to which program-level outcomes are being met. Changes to IT Specialist programs are made based on what is learned through the certification review process.

The review process provides the means to evaluate each student’s IT Technical and Professional skills prior to exiting the program. The review process requires students to create and present a portfolio of projects and perform a hands-on scenario task that demonstrate proficiency in program-level outcomes required for their program.

Assessment Plans

The following table includes links to assessment plans for the programs offered through the IT Specialist program. Each assessment plan includes information about Intended Outcomes and Objectives; Program Experiences and Implementation; Assessment Criteria; and Implementation Procedures.

 Year Program
 2009-10 Certificate | Associate
 2008-09 Certificate | Associate
 2007-08 Certificate | Associate
 2006-07 Certificate and Associate