ITS Student Advising Checklist

The key to success in the ITS program is your ITS faculty advisor. It is important for you to work closely with your ITS faculty advisor to make sure your course selections meet both program requirements and your own personal or professional goals.
Use this task list to as in course selection and program advising. 
  • Apply to UAF as an ITS student by filling out and turning in a UAF Undergraduate Application for Admissions—available at CTC Student Assistance and Advising Center, 604 Barnette St., room 110 or online at

    If you are a UAF student, but in a different degree program, you will need apply for the ITS degree before you apply for graduation. 
  • If you have university credits from other regionally accredited schools, have official transcripts from those schools sent to UAF after you applied for admission. For more information about transfer credits, contact the UAF Office of Admissions.
  • Complete the ACCUPLACER placement exam to generate placement scores for English and Mathematics courses required for the certificate and associated degree. Contact UAF CTC Student Assistance and Advising, 604 Barnette St, room 110 or call 455-2800 for information about days and times available for testing.
  • Contacting an ITS faculty advisor early in your program is important. Your faculty advisor will assist you in selecting the certificate or associate degree program that matches your skills and goals and developing an individual education plan. If you have never completed this task, use the contact information below to set up an advising appointment. 
ITS faculty advisors contact information:
Bill Barnes, Associate Professor
ITS Program Head and Faculty Advisor 
Office Location: 604 Barnette Street, room 320
Phone: (907) 455-2854

Josh Peter, Assistant Professor
ITS Program Professor and Faculty Advisor 
Office Location: 604 Barnette Street, room 320
Phone: (907) 455-2957

  • See your ITS faculty advisor each semester for course selection and advising. It is important to see an advisor for course selection in the ITS program. Your faculty advisor will have the most current information regarding current and planned course offerings.
  • Keep track of your credits and your degree progress using DegreeWorks through UAOnline.
  • Associate degree seeking students should plan to register for the CITS F281 and CITS F284 courses when they are within 12 to 24 credits from graduation.
  • Complete the ITS Certification review in the Spring semester of the calendar year in which you plan to graduate (for example, students planning to graduate in the Spring 2014, Summer 2014, or Fall 2014 semester will need to complete the review during the Spring 2014 semester). 
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    May 27, 2011, 11:28 AM