American Corner

( 5th Floor )

Formerly known as American Studies Resource Center, the American Corner (AC) is a joint partnership project of Xavier University and the US Embassy.  Established on November 19, 1984, XU-AC is the first AC established in the Philippines. It is part of a network of 14 ACs in the Philippines. 

AC aims to promote cooperation and understanding between the U.S. and the Philippines by providing current and factual information about the United States of America, its peoples and its policies.  Information is provided in a variety of formats which include books, journals, electronic and multimedia resources.  The AC responds to queries from students, faculty, professionals, community leaders, businessmen, the media, and the government sector.

AC also serves as a focal point for lectures, paper shows, and other cultural activities on American studies.

Location and Service Hours

AC resources and services are available at the 5th Floor of the Library Annex Building. The AC Library is open Monday to Friday 8AM to 4:30PM and Saturday 8 AM to 11:30AM.

Faculty, students, and staff of Xavier University are required to present the current University ID each time a material is borrowed or returned.  Members of the American Studies Association (ASA) should secure a current ID from the ASA President.  Other researchers should secure a library permit from the AC Librarian.

Products and Services

AC provides books and journals for public use, conducts online researchers, hosts lectures and seminars, produces pathfinders and topical bibliographies, disseminates information about the US to the public, presents paper shows and video showings about the United States of America.

Ten computers for internet access

3D Printer

Video Conferencing

Projector with Smartboard

Board Games