Vision, Mission, and Goals


A library that is distinguished as an Information Center providing and delivering outstanding information resources, physically and virtually.


To acquire and provide access to a variety of information resources, traditional and electronic, enhanced by quality bibliographic control and service-oriented instructional land reference assistance, that will support the University’s goal of challenging students toward continuing intellectual growth and spiritual formation.


In order to accomplish our vision-mission, the libraries will strive to fulfill the following goals:

To make support of the University’s academic programs the primary focus, with a strong secondary goal of fostering lifelong learning.

To be at the forefront of using technology to make information sources accessible to all students and faculty regardless of their location.

To establish new and improve current services by implementing programs that encourage lifelong learning and are based on the University vision-mission.

To develop and maintain an understanding of user needs through curricula review, faculty cooperation, user surveys and unsolicited suggested forms and to respond to those needs accordingly.

To foster a work-place culture where library staff is valued for their knowledge and contributions and are both forward-looking and responsive to the university’s needs in the rapidly changing information environment.

To establish collaborative partnerships with other libraries and institutions via reciprocal agreements, resource sharing and special programs to expend access to resources.