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March 2018

March is one of our busiest months of the year for us, our newsletter isn't particularly long but the information it does contain is VERY IMPORTANT. So please be sure to read through our section about registration as it includes very important changes that will effect you come March 6th. Also Musical Theater tickets will go on sale the first full week of March, please read through below to see how to purchase tickets, an opportunity to get free tickets, and also an important note about dress rehearsal!

Returning families with a current HSC 6th grader, please take a moment to look at the Teacher Assistant job description and see if its the right fit for your 7th grader next year. As always please review the classroom highlights and reminders and take a look at some of the upcoming festivals and workshops!

You can view the Archive page (February newsletter) for information on ordering your child's (free) HSC T-Shirt for our signing party on the last day of school.

Upcoming Events

March 6th - Early registration for current families

March 5th - Musical Theater tickets go on sale

March 7th - HSC Tee-Shirts order due

March 12th - 16th - YAT Training

March 19th - 23rd - Kindergarten Graduation Pictures

March 26th - 30th - Spring Break NO SCHOOL


This year is a bit different (and I had two different things in the Course Catalog) so I want to clarify. I didn’t find the right software to make any big changes so I’m going to try a couple of new things on the back-end to make the process a little more efficient. If you hate it, feel free to kindly express that opinion.

We will have Top and Secondary choices.

· Top Choice – I recommend making one top choice, however, you can make as many top choices as you’d like but know that if more than one is open, placement is at my discretion.

· Secondary choices – if your child’s top choice is not available, these are the classes your child is OK taking. I recommend making at least 2 secondary choices.

I will do my very best to place your child in their top or secondary choices, however if none of those classes are available, they will be placed in an alternative class.

Wait-lists – I am not going to do automatic wait-lists this year, a large percentage of the time, kids end up not wanting classes they are wait-listed for. You can request an addition to a wait-list class.

Class Changes – In order to focus on getting kids enrolled in the program, I will be fulfilling class change requests during the following windows:

  • 1st Semester Class Change window: July 23-Aug 3, Aug 20-Sept 3
  • 2nd Semester Class Change window: Dec. 3-14 & Jan 7-29

A quick note about classes – (please see the FAQ for more information) our classes are designed so students can take the same class several years in a row. Teachers try to switch out their classes every few years, however they create their curriculum from scratch so it is unfair to expect them to do so every year. Some classes have a brand new curriculum with the same class-name (Art & Writing are a good examples), others have similar skills or even activities but are designed to build upon skills children may already have (Drama & Cooking are two examples). I think one thing that is unique to our teachers and one of the many, many things that makes our teachers at HSC a special kind of amazing is their ability to make each class interesting for children of different age, skill, developmental, and academic levels.

For those of you who like spreadsheets and charts, here is a spreadsheet with all the classes offered so you can see them laid out by periods/semesters. All 5 days are listed in one document so choose your correct day via the sheet at the bottom. If you find that I made a mistake on the course catalog, please let me know!

Lastly, I encourage you to challenge your child to try something new – what a safe and exciting way to step outside of their box – worse case, it’s 16-18 hours; best case, they discover something they love (which I have seen more times than I can count)!

Registration Correction:

There was a mix-up on the Course Catalog:

Monday, 2nd semester, Period 4 the Science class is Rocks & Minerals - Science Mysteries is 5th period.

Registration FAQ

Ever wonder if your child can re-take a class? Or exactly how to answer some of the not-so-homeschool-questions in Jeffco Connect? How-a-bout who designs the HSC curriculum? I have compiled a list of frequently asked registration questions. Please take a moment to see if any of the questions commonly asked by your fellow HSC families have ever crossed your mind!

Musical Theater Tickets

Tickets for the musical will go on sale the first full week of March! Tickets will be available for sale both in-person during morning drop-off or (for the first time!) online.

Ticket Pricing:

In-person tickets will be 4 or 5 dollars depending on which seats you choose.

Online tickets will only be 5.13 or 6.13 depending on seats. The additional charge is a small processing fee, which many companies have for online ticket sales.

Keep in mind, if you are able to volunteer for the musical you will be given a free ticket for your time!

Online ticket information:

We are selling online through Brown Paper Ticketing.

The direct links for each cast are below. (The event is NOT searchable, so make sure you follow the link! These links will also be printed on the posters) The ticket sites are organized by location, so please make sure if you are purchasing for Lakewood or Westminster that you choose the correct day for your student's performance!

Monday and Friday Casts -

Tuesday and Wednesday Casts -

Thursday Cast -

Again - these tickets go on sale the first full week of March. The websites will not up and running until that time!

Musical Dates and Times:

Monday Cast - April 30th at 1:50 p.m. Doors will open around 1:40 p.m.

Tuesday Cast - May 1st at 1:20 p.m. Doors will open around 1:10 p.m.

Wednesday Cast - May 2nd at 1:20 p.m. Doors will open around 1:10 p.m.

Thursday Cast - May 3rd at 1:50 p.m. Doors will open around 1:40 p.m.

Friday Cast - May 4th at 1:20 p.m. Doors will open around 1:10 p.m.


Musical Theater Parents! The time for the musical is fast approaching and your students have been working hard. They are starting to get excited to share their work with you in a few months. The day of the performance, we will need a few extra sets of hands to make things run smoothly. The kids will be in charge of many aspects of their preparation that day, but we need one volunteer to be the make-up manager (cause that can be tricky for some!), a costume manager for those tricky buttons and zippers and missing items and, of course, ushers to help us get people seated for the performance. If you are willing to lend a hand and give of your time, we would love to reward you with two free tickets. Please use the SignUpGenius link to volunteer!

Dress Rehearsal

The week before the final performances for Musical Theatre is Dress Rehearsal week. It is extremely important that students are in attendance that day. Students in Musical Theatre AND in Technical Theatre will spend all day with me to practice running all of the technical elements of the show, take show photos, and do at least one full run-through of the show. I will send out additional reminders about this day in the future!

7th Grade volunteer Teacher’s Assistant

For the last several years, we have had students return as volunteers during their 7th grade year. If your graduating 6th grader is interested, please have them take a moment to read the Job Description and complete the application (link in description) and return to me by April 15.

HSC Video

In order to better promote and represent our program we have decided to make a Day in the Life of HSC video that will be featured on our website! Over the next several weeks our Educational Assistant Ms. Danielle will be in classrooms filming students doing everyday activities. As per the family form we will not feature any children who's parents had opted out of sharing their photos, they will be edited out of videos and deleted. If you have any questions/concerns please email Ms. Bobbi.

Upcoming Workshops & Festivals

  • The Lakewood Heritage center presents Toying with Science, a one hour program that combines elements of the circus with science! If interested please download this form to confirm a spot!
  • Do you enjoy imagining creatures, devices, or a new world? Come learn how to bring them to life through 3D printing! You will learn how to design pieces using TinkerCAD, a free web-based modeling program. Click here to purchase tickets and for more information regarding the workshop.
  • The Fourth Annual Rocky Mountain STEAM is Saturday March 3rd and Sunday March 4th at the Boulder County Fairgrounds. Featuring over 100 exhibits and hands-on activities, STEAM Fest brings the best of Arts and Science to the Front Range. Visit their website for more information and to purchase tickets!

February Highlights

Our last week of February had our Young Ameritowne students interviewing for jobs. We are more than thankful for all our parent volunteers who helped Ms. Nancy out by deciding the best fit for each student. Young Ameritowne is still a little over a month away, students will now focus on job training and being prepared for the big day!

Classroom Highlights and Reminders

  • Did you know we have a student's page? The student's page has lots of great info and links to help you get a sense of what your kiddo is learning in their classrooms. It has a lot of information from Ms. Holly's recipes to Artists of the Week! Navigate to the top of this page and check it out for yourself!
  • Ms. Hayley would like to remind Musical Theater students to keep memorizing lines at home!
  • Ms. Nancy would like to remind YAT families that the field trip for YAT is April 12th.
  • Please remember to talk to your child about making sure to grab all their stuff (jackets, boots, lunchboxes) at the end of the day. Also putting labels on their items doesn’t hurt, it makes it much easier for us teachers to find the original owner!


Scholastic Book Club orders will be placed on the 15th of each month. That still gives you 2 weeks to order. There will be a display board available at each location during the first week of each month, feel free to take the fliers you need when you drop off in the morning.

If you are new, it is easy. Just log into scholastics at

You can register each of your children under their specific grade level. You can order books on any grade level you choose. Our school code is: LML4W

Enjoy your reading!

Kiya Wycoff (HSC Parent)

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