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September 2017

Hey HSC Families!

Now that classes are fully underway it's time to get some of our fun events and yearly activities going! This newsletter is intended to keep you up to date on upcoming events at HSC so please take a moment to read through!

This month we have some very important reminders in the newsletter, including a couple of required attendance days, so if you read nothing else please check those out. Check out the Classroom Highlights to see what your child has been up to their first month back at HSC and for some important reminders from the teachers.

If you're looking for more information on some of our policies and expectations please check out last month's newsletter. All previous newsletters can be found in the archives.

Upcoming Events

Aug 28th - Sept 11th - Talent Show Submissions Accepted (see more information below)

Sept 4th - No school/Labor Day

Sept 4th - First semester class changes due by 4pm

***Any requests made AFTER 4pm on the 4th will NOT be honored***

***View open classes on our website***

Sept 18th - 22nd - HSC Talent Show (see more information below)

Sept 19th - Curriculum Swap (see more information below)

Sept 24th - Oct 7th - OCTOBER COUNT (if you read nothing else in this newsletter PLEASE read about this below)

Sept 25th - Sept 30th - Student pictures

***This is a required attendance day - we will not offer retakes***

October Count

***ALL HSC families agreed to the attendance requirements during this window when registering***

This is the two-week window when we report attendance to the state to receive funding. We love being able to provide your children with quality teachers, classes, and materials; the funding we receive during this window is the ONLY reason we are able to do that.

The October Count window begins on September 24th through October 7th. Student attendance is very important during this window, students may not miss more than one day during these 2 weeks.

If your HSC student does need to miss a day of school during this window, please email the director with the following information:

    • Your child's full name
    • Date of absence
    • Reason for absence
    • That you plan on having your child enrolled at/attend HSC for the rest of the 2017-2018 year (normal absences, illnesses, travel, etc. are implied)
    • Your signature
    • The director may require "proof" such as: Doctor's note, travel documents, etc.

Emergency Drills

The Home School Connection conducts Emergency Drills each year. While these drills may not fall on the day that your child attends, it is important that your child is prepared. During the month of September, teachers will discuss the various types of Emergency procedures with our students. Prior to that, I would like to prepare you so you can chat with them and so you know what to expect!

The Home School Connection (and all of Jeffco) uses the SRP protocol. Please take some time in the next several weeks to familiarize yourself with this information (click here). Additionally, more information can be found at

This year at HSC, we will be practicing Evacuation drills (Fire Drills) & Lockdown Drills.

And, just to prepare you, we will likely have a Lockout at some point during the year. In the past we’ve had to call them due to animals on the playground (elk, coyotes, dogs), & strange cars/people in the parking lot.

If there is ever an emergency, you will be notified through School Messenger. The ONLY way to ensure you will receive these messages is to log into JeffCo Connect, verify your information, and make sure you have selected the appropriate notification boxes.

As always, we value the trust you place in us each week!

Talent Show

Ms. Haley (our fantastic drama teacher) is accepting submissions for the talent show August 28th to September 11th! If your child would like to participate in the talent show have them fill out this form. All submissions must be under three minutes and please provide a description of your act and any required materials so that we can accommodate your child's needs as be as we can. Because the talent show varies day by day it's very important that you get your submissions in before the September 11th deadline.

The talent show itself will be the week of September 18th. Beginning times will vary depending on the number of acts we receive. Dismissal times will remain the same.

Curriculum Swap

Each year we host a curriculum sale/swap. This is an opportunity for you to purge the curriculum you no longer want/need & shop for items that you need for the upcoming school year(s), many items will be free, and the rest will be reasonably priced. For previous families who have participated this year we have decided to move our curriculum swap from our Lakewood location to our Westminster location, so please see the change of address down below.

    • Invitation (please feel free to invite your friends to attend!)
    • If you have items to sell or donate to other families, please click here for instructions - The organization/responsibility for this event falls mostly on my shoulders so along with all of my other duties, I cannot keep track of everything without you doing your part.
    • Tuesday Families, please read!
    • Our Westminster campus is located at Family in Christ.

Student Pictures

Ms. Heather (our Tech teacher) is also an amazing photographer. She will take the kiddos photos in the morning (typically during 1st or 2nd period). A week or so later, you will receive a digital file of the photo to do with whatever you please. Ms. Heather does this for our families at no charge to you but I will tell you that she does like to stop at Starbucks in the morning if you want to say "thank you" that way. Otherwise a kind word is much appreciated!

Community Groups

If you haven't had a chance to sign up for carpooling or a community group, please do so in the Back to School section (below). If you signed up, I will be sending information to organizers soon (soon after class changes are done... oh, Sept. 5th, 4pm CANNOT come soon enough!!!!)

If you are interested in having your son join a Cub Scout group, here is some information for you!

If anyone wants to get started in Cub Scouts, it's not too late to sign up! Pack 87 is specifically for homeschooled boys in grades 1-5 (or ages 6-10). In fact, we are the ONLY homeschooling pack in the entire Denver Metro area. We like to get the whole family involved in our adventures whenever possible. Come join us for hiking, swimming, community service projects and much much more! Our first pack meeting of the school year is on September 1st. If interested, please contact Elisa Palm at or 303-570-7910.

Junior Girl Scouts - If you have a 4th or 5th grade girl who is interested in becoming a Jr. Girl Scout, they will be meeting the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month from 10-12. Please contact Barbara at 720.324.6219 or

Back to School Events

Visit our Calendar page for dates/times!

Sign up to join a field trip, play-date, or park date group here.

Sign up here if you would like to carpool with another HSC family.

Westminster Families - click here for information about a LEGO Club!


Scholastic Book Club orders will be placed on the 15th of each month. So the next Scholastics order will go in on the 15th of each month. That still gives you 2 weeks to order. There will be a display board available at each location during the first week of each month, feel free to take the fliers you need when you drop off in the morning.

If you are new, it is easy. Just log into scholastics at

You can register each of your children under their specific grade level. You can order books on any grade level you choose. Our school code is: LML4W

Enjoy your reading!

Kiya Wycoff (HSC Parent)

August Highlights

Every year at HSC we teach our students about PONY, our acronym for our campus rules that keep your child safe while they are away from you for the day. After many years of the same PONY speech our wonderful teachers decided to get together and create not only an update version of PONY but turn it into a fun skit for the students to remember. Elona and the Terrible No Good Very Bad Day tells the story about a day at HSC where Elona follows none of the HSC rules but her sister Haley does. At the end Elona learns that her bad day was from her own doing and that she can always make it better next week by simply remembering PONIES:

    • P is for Permission for leaving your classroom to see Ms. Danielle or go to the bathroom
    • O is for Others so never forgot to treat one another with tons of respect
    • N is for Neatness at lunch and in class always remember to clean up your trash
    • I is for in In Line as in line-up straight after recess, before class please stand and wait
    • E is for Eating but never while learning, food is for lunch time and snack in the morning
    • S is for Stuff as in toys of all kinds leave them at home, school is for you and your minds

August 21st marked a rare Eclipse sighting from Colorado. Many of our HSC families (and staff!) traveled to see complete totality but for those of us who stayed behind 92% was good enough! For our Monday families we had a whole Eclipse themed day that incorporated the rare celestial event into art, cooking, theater, science, music, and gym classes. Ms. Leah our new science teacher taught the kids about safety and how it's never safe to stare directly into the sun, and how only with sun approved glasses would their eyes be protected from damage. Then at 11:45 we all went out together and witnessed the Eclipse. It was a fun and unique day that we hope our students will always remember!

Classroom Highlights and Reminders

  • Ms. Holly's Farm to Table is designed to teach your child about the fruits and vegetables that are in season and how they can be turned into delicious recipes. This month they are learning about Palisade peaches and corn. If you have any fun and creative recipes you think they might want to make please send them in with your child!
  • Ms. Nancy would like to remind Young Ameritowne Families that the date for Young Ameritowne this year is April 12th!
  • Ms. Lynn is asking if parents of Art Around the World and Modern Art students could send their child in with old Styrofoam or plastic (no paper) egg cartons so they can be used as paint trays!
  • Ms. Heather would like to remind Claymation students that a camera is required for class.
  • Ms. Elona & Ms. Paige would like to remind ALL Fitness & Martial Arts classes to bring tennis shoes. This is for safety reasons - flip flops and fancy shoes are more prone to tripping than tennis shoes. If your child wants to wear a different type of shoe to school that day just throw the tennis shoes in their backpack and they will be allowed to change into them at the start of class!

Location Reminders

  • Allergies
    • Our Evergreen location is peanut free, please remember this when packing your students lunches and snacks. This is not a school requirement but a building requirement so please respect the request of the church.
  • Drop off
    • Westminster
      • Due to the volume of our kids we have decided to separate lunches and backpacks. Backpacks/jackets go into the blue bins located on the left side when you enter nursery and lunches go in the white laundry baskets on the right side.
          • We've decided to make this change to prevent disastrous spills, squished lunches, and lost items!
      • The lost and found is now located in front of Ms. Bobbi's desk, if you come inside to drop off your student please check it before you leave!
    • Lakewood
      • If you arrive late in Lakewood please remember that you have to walk through classrooms in order to put your stuff away, this is fine just remember to be quiet and respectful as classes are going on!
    • In all locations please remind your student to grab their first period snack and water bottle if desired (Ms. Danielle will also remind them). The first few weeks we are allowing kids who forget to grab them to go back and grab them but after that they will no longer be able to go back and grab their snack.

Classroom Maps

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

School Schedules

LAKEWOOD - Mondays, 8:40-3:20 or Fridays, 8:40-2:50

WESTMINSTER - Tuesdays or Wednesdays, 8.30-2.50

EVERGREEN - Thursdays, 9.15-3.20

Daily Schedules

Class Schedules

Drop Off Procedure

      • Doors will open 10 minutes before classes begin so children can get items put away and be ready when class begins.
      • Students will put their lunch in the buckets located in or near the lunch room
      • Children are expected to be in class by the start time so teachers can begin on time.
      • Parents can walk students to their first period class.
      • Parents can drop off without coming in (please do not let your child cross the parking lot by themselves).
      • First period teachers will sign them in.


Pick Up Procedure

      • We offer both a walk-up and a drive-through option for afternoon pickup. We encourage families to do whatever works best for them.
      • Pickup times vary by day/location. Lakewood Mondays - 3:20, Westminster Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 2:50, Evergreen Thursdays, 3:20, and Lakewood Fridays, 2:50.
      • Parents should pick up within 10 minutes of dismissal time. Please be prompt as we only rent the churches for a small amount of time after dismissal, and keep in mind too that the teachers and directors have kids and families that they are excited to get home to after a wonderful day with your kiddos!
          • It is helpful to find a buddy at school who can hang out with your kids on the playground if you are running late, just ask the director to add them to your pickup list.
          • Parents and emergency contacts will be called if you are more than 15 minutes late.
      • Children will be dismissed to parents or others the parent has authorized by their enrollment paperwork or an email to the director.
      • If the teacher does not know the person who is picking up, they may ask for ID (so please warn those on your pick up list).

Pick up procedures by location: Lakewood Westminster Evergreen

Late Pick Up Policy

Children who are left at the program 20 minutes past dismissal (specific times below) will be charged $1.00 per minute, per child. At this time, we will also begin calling all emergency contacts we have on file. If we cannot reach any contacts and the child is still at the program after an additional 20 minutes (40 minutes past dismissal) the authorities/social services may be notified.

Mondays - Arrival Window: 8.30-8.40, dismissal: 3.20 (late charges begin at 3:40)

Tuesdays - Arrival Window: 8.20-8.30, dismissal: 2.50 (late charges begin at 3:10)

Wednesday - Arrival Window: 8.20-8.30, dismissal: 2.50 (late charges begin at 3:10)

Thursday - Arrival Window: 9.05-9.15, dismissal: 3.20 (late charges begin at 3:40)

Friday - Arrival Window: 8.30-8.40, dismissal: 2.50 (late charges begin at 3:10)

*All non-staff (excluding students) must be out of the building within 15 minutes of dismissal

I recommend using the buddy system and finding a friend or two you can call on days you’re running behind to see if they can hang with your kiddos and play outside for a bit until you get there. There was a link to the directory in this month’s newsletter email. That is a great tool to help you find a buddy!

Thank you for being respectful of the HSC staff & our families!

We love to see the community building that happens after school on the playground so after you pick them up, feel free to let your kids hang out and play for a while after school so you can meet and visit with other homeschooling parents!



Students requiring medication (including Tylenol, inhalers, Benadryl, & Epi Pens) will need a completed form prior to medication being allowed at school. This form must be completed by your doctor and is available from Ms. Bobbi or Ms. Kelly. The Home School Connection cannot give any medication without a completed medication form. Students are not allowed to carry medication unless such an agreement has been made between the student, parents, doctor, our Nurse, and the director. If you need a medication form, talk to Ms. Kelly prior to the first day of school so we’re all set when school begins!

Asthma Allergies All Medications (including over the counter – read more here)

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