November 2018

Hello HSC Families,

We've had a few staff changes that I'd like to share. Ms Antoinette, our Kindergarten EA, is moving into the role of 1st-6th EA. Ms Amber is joining our HSC family to take her place in Kindergarten with Ms Jamie. And Ms Danielle has moved into a new role of Enrollment Coordinator/Administrative Assistant (aka "Our Hero"). Please join me in welcoming and congratulating Ms Amber, Ms Antoinette, and Ms Danielle in their new roles!

It's that time of year where the weather begins to get yucky. Please make sure your Jeffco Connect account has current contact information so that you will receive the automated voice message in the event of a school closure.

This month, come join me for coffee hour and chatting about our Home School Connections Program. I'd love to get to know more of you and hear any ideas that can help expand our program! You can find dates and additional information on how to sign up below.

Other highlights this month include a new class change process, a parent directory, and other important HSC reminders and updates!

Thank you,

Chelsea Minshull 🌻

Important Dates & Upcoming Events

Oct 29th - Jan 18th - 2nd Semester Class Changes Accepted

Nov 12th, 13th, & 15th - Chat with Chelsea

Nov 19th - 23rd - Thanksgiving Break NO SCHOOL

Class Changes

HSC Families,

The class change requests for second semester is now open. We will accept class changes for the first TWO WEEKS of second semester. This window is open from Tuesday October 30th until Monday January 21st.

If you asked for a class change for second semester prior to this window it will need to be resubmitted using the form. We will not honor any past requests made with first semester class changes or via email.

If you would like to request a class change for second semester please fill out our Class Change Request Form. Due to the overwhelming amount of emails we receive regarding class changes this is the only way we will accept a class change request. We will no longer accept emails or in person requests.

Just a reminder if your student is on a Waitlist for a class and space becomes available for that class they will be AUTOMATICALLY MOVED. If they would like to switch back to their original signed class or to another class please fill out a Class Change Request Form.

With these changes we aim to make our class change process faster and more efficient for families and students. As always, we appreciate your patience as we make new strides with our program. Please email Ms. Chelsea ( or Ms. Danielle ( for any questions you may have regarding class changes! We are always happy to help answer questions!

Coffee with Chelsea

This month, come join me for coffee hour and chatting about our Home School Connections Program. I'd love to get to know more of you and hear any ideas that can help expand our program!

Dates, Times, Locations:

Monday 11/12 9:30-10:30 (Lakewood)

Tuesday 11/13 9:30-10:30 (Westminster)

Thursday 11/15 9:45-10:45 (Evergreen)

I will be providing coffee, bottled water, and a snack. Please try and make arrangements for younger siblings if at all possible, but if not I have a back-up plan.

Please fill out this quick google form so I know how many people to expect.

Thank you!

Ms Chelsea


Please email with all communication about absences, coming in late, leaving early, or pick up information.

If your child will be absent, please email our attendance email no later than 9:45 on the day of the absence. If you know in advance that your student(s) will be out for a planned vacation, please feel free to email that as soon as it is planned. While we know that HSC is supplemental to the education you are providing your children at home, many of our classes require steady attendance to be successful. If your child misses 3 (three) or more weeks in a semester without notification of the HSC Director, they will be unregistered from the program. If they would like to return to HSC, they will have to be reregistered at the next semester if there is space available.

Important HSC Updates & Reminders

  • Directory:
      • If you would like to be included in the directory, please fill out this quick google form by Thursday, November 15th as the directory will be sent out on Friday, November 16th.
      • This is entirely optional, you are not required to fill out this form or share your information with other HSC families. However, it is encouraged as it helps build our community and is great way to reach out to other parents!
      • The form gives you the option to only add what you would like to include. For example, you could just add your phone number, not your address and email.
      • This directory is a useful tool for setting up playdates, inviting friends to birthdays, and especially great for emergency pickup needs!
  • School Closure Process
      • We follow Jeffco schools for closures, so you can check local news stations and Jeffco’s website for school closures. We will also contact you using the Jeffco automated system, which uses your information from Jeffco Connect so please make sure that is current.
      • There are times when we call school even though Jeffco doesn’t when that happens, you will be notified using the Jeffco automated system through Jeffco Connect.
      • We recommended that you buddy up with another HSC parent in the event that you cannot come pick up your child. We will still enforce late charges on snowy days even when the roads are bad!
  • Jeffco Connect:
      • Please make sure your Jeffco Connect account is updated with all of your current information. This is the main way we have to communicate with families. If you need your password reset or need help navigating the system, please let us know.
  • Attendance
  • Birthdays
      • If it is your child's birthday week, have them come up to Ms. Danielle at the beginning of the day to receive a birthday sticker and a ticket for the prize box!
  • Class Change Requests

Classroom & Location Reminders, Requests, and Updates

  • HSC Drama Needs
      • As we approach the close of the Halloween season, if you notice that you have extra costumes you and your students are willing to part with consider donating them to HSC! This year's musical is based on Alice Through the Looking glass and will be designed with a steampunk flair. If you have any costumes that might fit into that world contact Miss Hayley! Otherwise, costumes of any kind that you would like to donate can be shared with Miss Hayley as well. It would be a great benefit to the program to build up a small collection of costumes for future !
      • As well, if you have objects that could be used to create steampunk costumes or props such as things that look like gears or metal or whatnot Miss Hayley would be happy to put them to good use!
      • Lastly we need balloons (that we can pop) and newspapers for costumes! Please bring anything you can to Miss Hayley.
  • Ms. Elona would like to remind her PE students to bring sneakers or comparable shoes!
  • Ms. Nancy would like to remind parents that the field for Young Ameritowne is Thursday April 11th.
  • A friendly reminder that our Evergreen campus is entirely NUT FREE. Please reframe from packing nuts for your student's snacks and lunches.
  • Our new bucket system helps us keep track of your children's belongings, however things do still get misplaced! Please be sure to label everything, water-bottles, backpacks, lunchboxes, jackets, etc. Please be advised that at the end of each semester whatever is left behind will be donated.
  • From those of you who attended last year you know that our Student's Page is still fairly new. We would love to hear feedback on what you would like to see on this page! Any suggestions please email Ms. Danielle at with Student's Page in the subject line!
  • Friendly reminder, the weather will be changing soon! We like to get kids outside as often as possible, so please be sure to send appropriate attire with your kiddo to school! You never know when a snow storm might come in on a 70 degree day :)

October Highlights

October marks one our favorite events here at HSC and that is our annual Trunk or Treat. We saw many creative trunks from ghostbusters, to chocolate castles, to a flower power van that served healthy snacks. Every year our parents outdo themselves and create a fun environment for all our HSC students to participate in.

We'd like to thank all the parents who volunteered their trunks or their time to help with this event. Without you HSC Trunk or Treat would not be possible, so from our staff we'd like to say THANK YOU for everything you do for HSC!