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Transition Seminar Weekly Update September 16, 2022

Transition Seminar Weekly Update September 23, 2022

Transition planning is the process of coordinating activities intended to prepare students for life after high school. Activities are intended to help young adults live, work, and participate in the community. For students receiving special education services, the transition planning process begins when students turn 14 and the process continues until age 22, if the student continues to qualify for an Individualized Education Plan. The Wachusett Team works with students, families, and related providers to prepare students for his or her best future.

Who is eligible for transition planning services?

  • Every student with an IEP has a right to a transition plan.

When do Transition services start?

  • In the state of Massachusetts, transition planning begins when the student turns 14. It is recommended that the conversation with students begin before this age.

Who takes part in the Transition Planning process?

  • All IEP members take part in creating the transition plan, including the student and parents.

What does transition planning include?

  • Transition planning includes creating post-secondary goals for students with disabilities. Goals are based upon formal and informal transition assessments related to school, training, independent living skills, and employment. Goals should reflect student interests and strengths. The transition plan should include relevant courses to be taken in high school that would assist in obtaining the student's post-secondary goal, in addition to any other transition services the student may require. All elements of the transition plan should be relevant to the student's future plans and motivating to the student.