Welcome to our 3rd Grade Website!

2018 - 2019

Preparing for International Peace Day - Sept. 21

On Friday our 3rd graders partnered with students from St. Michaels College to fold origami birds that are a sign of peace. Our school has been partnered with an elementary school in Dubai. We will share these images of peace with each other. What an important event for our students to experience. Peace in our school, our community, our world .... that's what we should work towards. Let's all work together for PEACE.

Each Friday for the next 8 weeks, 6 students from St. Mike's will come into each of our 3 classrooms to learn together. They will help our students in their reading, writing, and math learning. They will be a great support to our awesome 3rd graders. Thank you St. Mike's for your time and support!

CLiF Kick Off

There are many generous people in our world. Today we experienced the CLiF Kick Off. CLiF stands for the Children's Literacy Foundation. This groups' goal is to share the love of reading with children throughout New Hampshire and Vermont. Winooski was chosen this year to participate in this year long celebration of reading. Today our students heard a gentleman tell the story Nora's Ark and then they got to choose a book for themselves that they could keep. This is the first book of many to come this year. How special! Ask your child what book they chose and enjoy reading it together. Celebrate Reading!!!!!

We would like to invite you to our school district barbecue Thursday evening at 5:30. There will be food, friends, activities, free books, and a chance to meet your child's teachers and classmates. Dinner will be served from 5:30 - 6:30. Classrooms will be open from 6:30 - 7:00. We hope to see you there.

Your 3rd Grade teachers!

Mrs. Demore - Writing & Fundations

Mrs. Benjamin - Math

Ms. Bohlen - Reading

We are excited and ready to see you all on our first day of school!

We would like to welcome you to 3rd Grade! We hope this website will be a source of information that you will find helpful as well as fun. We will be posting many pictures of the activities we will be doing at school as well as keeping you informed about all that we are learning. We will share ideas about how you can carry your child's learning at school into your home and show how we use this learning in our daily lives. The greater connection we can have between home and school, the more it will benefit your child. We hope you will check this website often. If you have ideas that you would like added to this website, please let us know. We are looking forward to an awesome year with our students, your children, as well as making great connections with you, their families.

Your 3rd grade team: Mrs. Demore, Mrs. Benjamin, Ms. Bohlen