Look what's happening in 3rd Grade!!

Welcome to our 3rd grade website!

Third Grade led our all school morning meeting today!!

Ask your 3rd graded about the Fidget Family. Our whole school had fun doing the wave when they heard their special part of the Fidget Family story. It was a lot of fun. We had some great leaders that led the morning greeting, sharing, Fidget Family story, and the morning message. It took everyone's help to plan and practice for this morning meeting time. Thanks for doing an awesome job everyone!

Fun with the Lumberjacks at Leddy Park!

The Lumberjacks have been great mentors to our 3rd grade students. They have come into our classes each Thursday to help our students during our literacy time. In celebration of our learning time together, the Lumberjacks invited our students to join them on the skating rink for an hour of skating on Thursday. We had so much fun. Thank you to the Lumberjacks for offering your time to our students. Thank you also to our parents who joined us for the fun.


We hope you enjoyed our JFK Winter Performance! We enjoyed putting it on for you. Here is a clip of our 3rd grade song sung that night. Thanks for coming so we could perform for you.


3rd Grade sings Everybody!

Hour of Code - A national invitation for all students to learn and enjoy the practice of coding

All 3rd graders joined the entire Winooski School District in participating in the Hour of Code this week. This is a national endeavor to encourage students to understand what computer programmers do. There is, and will be a great need for computer programmers in our future. This would be a great career for anyone to enter: lots of jobs with good pay.

Our 3rd graders used an app called Light Bot and Minecraft to try their hand at programming. They had so much fun while they programmed a little robot to move through mazes. There were many complicated tracks that took a lot of thought and planning. Students put their minds together to make new plans and find solutions to the problems. Learning to think, plan, solve problems, and work together with others are such important skills. We had a great week being introduced to the idea of coding.


Parent / Teacher Conferences

Thank you to everyone who was able to make it in to parent conferences. It was wonderful to have that time to sit together and discuss the amazing child that enters our classroom each day. We appreciate all that you do to support your child, and also us teachers, throughout this year's journey. Also, if you weren't able to meet during that conference day and wish to meet another day, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to help make a meeting together work, as we greatly value this collaboration with you.

Happy Veterans Day!

The Third Grade would like to thank all the veterans that have devoted their lives to protecting the freedom we all enjoy in our country. We owe you a great deal of thanks. Our students made cards that will be given to veterans that go to Applebee's in Burlington on Veterans Day. They will enjoy a free meal and a card of appreciation from our third graders. Our students were so happy to make these cards. They put their best effort into them. We hope our Veterans enjoy our cards.

Meet the


Goal Setting!

The Lumberjacks are here! They are a hockey team that has worked with our 3rd grade for many years. They come as mentors to work with our students throughout the year. On this first day we met the team. Then they came back to our rooms to get to know each other and share long term and short term goals. Our 3rd graders shared what job they might like to do when they grow up and what they want to learn this year to help them on that path. The Lumberjacks shared why they joined the hockey team and what they are working towards. Each Thursday the Lumberjacks will come into our rooms to help our students grow through literacy. We thank this wonderful team for their dedication to our students.

We look forward to Thursdays with the


Our first week of school is complete. The nerves of the first day have been replaced with smiles as students have enjoyed getting back together with their friends. It has been an exciting week for us as we have enjoyed getting to know all of you better. Welcome back to another great year of friendship and learning!

Welcome to our classroom

Students are engaged with their reading, and selecting books that are "just right" or "within reach" and interesting to them. This is also an opportunity for the students to work on the skill that was introduced during our Reader's Workshop mini-lesson.

Writer's Workshop also begins with a skill embedded within a mini-lesson. We learned how to generate ideas, record these ideas within writing notebooks, and then to write, write, write!

We focused on writing personal narratives - real stories from within their lives, memories, and experiences. What tremendous writers we have in third grade!

Left: Student was finding and highlighting details within her writing that would allow the reader to better envision her story. We sometime describe this as seeing it like a movie playing in our mind. The details help us do this envisioning.