Third Grade has HEART!

We are ....

H - Honest

E - Engaged

A - Appropriate

R - Responsible

T - Timely

These are the qualities that will help us get along as we work, play, and learn together. We will be celebrating the positive choices our class is making as they begin their year in 3rd grade. See how these qualities fit in with your family? Celebrate great choices made at home.

Grandpa John is a great example of HEART! He helps make science come alive for our students and he mentors us in math. He has been part of Mrs. Goetz's class for many years.

We filled the HEART monitor again! This time we are celebrating as a school with pajama day and a movie! It's great to have a school learning and playing together with HEART!

We have been practicing our HEART Skillls. Our heart bucket has been filled twice because of our honesty with our words, engagement in our leaning, appropriateness and responsibility of our actions, and our being timely in our work. We have had 2 classroom celebrations: an extra PE time and a pajama day. Our learning is celebrated!

JFK's Heart Monitor is full! It is time for a school wide celebration .... the first for this school year. We had fun with bubbles. Enjoy some pictures showing our fun afternoon. It's BUBBLE DAY!!!!!!