Third Grade has HEART!

We are ....

H - Honest

E - Engaged

A - Appropriate

R - Responsible

T - Timely

These are the qualities that will help us get along as we work, play, and learn together. We will be celebrating the positive choices our class is making as they begin their year in 3rd grade. See how these qualities fit in with your family? Celebrate great choices made at home.

Celebrate! Celebrate! Dance to the Music!!!!!

All 3 of our classes have filled their HEART jars once and are well on our way to the second fill! That means it's time for our celebrations!! It's always important to celebrate great choices. Movies! Extra recess! Slime! What fun!!!!

How does your child show honesty, engagement, approrpriate choices, responsibility, and timeliness at home! Let's work together on these important skills.