Written by or read by our class ...


Pictures and stories below are from the year 2016 - 2017.

Learning from Biographies!

Third grade has been enjoying reading biographies and learning about many people that have impacted our lives today. Each student chose the person they were most interested in learning about and shared their learning with others. Some of the people they read about were: Harry Houdini, Amelia Earhart, Walt Disney, J. K. Rowling, Jackie Robinson, Derek Jeeter, Rosa Parks, Sojourner Truth, and Ernest Shackleton. Ask your child who they read about and what they learned from this person. Students enjoyed learning about these people and are anxious to read other biographies. It was great to see their excitement!


Learning how to write is not only important .... it is fun. Writing allows everyone to share their ideas and memories with others. It can also be a time when we can use our imaginations and create stories that we wish could happen. Enjoy our first ideas about friendship.