Beginning Orchestra

About Beginning Orchestra

Director: Anne McTighe & Elisabeth Owens

In Beginning Orchestra, students will be introduced to the fundamentals of playing an orchestra instrument. In addition to establishing fundamentals on their individual instrument, students will learn how to perform within a large ensemble. They will have the opportunity to perform at several concerts throughout the year. Students are able to learn an instrument AND participate in choir.


  • Students receive a weekly instrument-specific technique class on a rotating basis. The rotating schedule ensures that students are not pulled from the same class each week and only miss a class 1 time every quarter. Click here to learn more about the objectives of technique classes.
  • In addition to their technique class, students begin the year by attending a sectional rehearsal every other week. In sectional rehearsals, students will review fundamental music concepts. These rehearsals meet at 8:00 AM.
  • After our first concert in December, sectional rehearsals will be replaced with a weekly full ensemble rehearsal where all of the orchestra instruments are combined. The Beginning Orchestra is separated into two separate rehearsal groups: Tuesday Orchestra and Thursday Orchestra. Each group rehearses as a full ensemble 1 times per week on at 8:00 AM. Click here to learn more about the objectives of full ensemble rehearsals.


Click here to view the Grade 5-8 Instrumental Music Curriculum map.