Grade 6 Hawk Choir

About Grade 6 Choir

Directors: Liz Hutchinson

In Grade 6 Hawk Choir, students will continue work on solfege, ear training, and vocal tone and work especially on incorporating these concepts into our repertoire. Grade 6 Choir sings three part repertoire and canons. We begin to learn about vocal health and voice change, topics that continue at the junior high level. Grade 6 Choir students also focus on note reading, scales, and solfege and how these concepts are related. They will have many performing opportunities throughout the year, including Highcrest Music assemblies, the annual Outdoor Concert, and district wide concerts with Grades 5-8 choir students.


  • Hawk Choir rehearses 2 times per week on Tuesday and Thursday at 8:00 AM in the Highcrest Auditorium.

Wilmette Choir Students at our Grades 5-8 "Sing and Share" Social Event