AP Chemistry & Regents Chemistry

Mrs. Julian


Your goals, as a student in these classes, are to learn chemistry and to help others learn chemistry.

My goals, as your teacher in these classes, are to facilitate your learning so it happens as smoothly as possible, and to help you along the way with anything you might need.

Feel free to contact me at siobhan_julian@webstercsd.org with ANY questions AT ALL. I am here to help!

AP Chemistry Students: This course is the equivalent of a first year college chemistry course; the pace is quick and you will work hard. All students in the course are expected to sit for the AP Chemistry exam in May.

Use the resources under the AP Chem Materials tab for our class notes, documents, and videos.

Regents Chemistry Students: In order to be eligible to sit for the Regents exam in June, you have to accrue 1200 minutes of documented lab activities throughout the year. As such, labs are a focal point of the course and we will be doing lab activities every week. Labs are always due on the FRIDAY of the week the lab is performed; if we do a lab on a Friday, it will be due the next Friday.