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Come to the Library

We love seeing friends gather together and enjoy our beautiful Library space!

The Library is open for High School and Primary students from 8 a.m daily. It's open for High School students at Recess and Lunch times and for Primary students First half of Lunch .

Check out our new books!

Looking for a new book to read? We have a "New Book" display near the service desk. Why not take a look?

It's warm in the library!

On these cold Winter mornings and days, it's nice to see groups of students enjoying the warmth and safety of the library.

Year 11 Art Display

Come and take a look at the fantastic display of "Cardboard Wearables" in the Library Foyer now. We have such talented students at our school!


Great fun and creativity today at lunch time.....Lego was back! Look at some of the creations.

It's so good to see the Library being used as a great meeting hub again.

National Simultaneous Storytime

On Wednesday, some of our Year 2 students joined other students all around Australia for this special event.

The Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) has been running their national reading activity for the past 22 years to promote reading and literacy across Australia.

Every year a picture book, written and illustrated by an Australian author and illustrator, is read simultaneously in libraries, schools, preschools, childcare centres, family homes, bookshops, and many other places around the country.

This year, our students enjoyed "Family Tree" written by Josh Pyke and illustrated by Ronojoy Ghosh.

Hairy is back!

Hairy McCarey Storytime for Preschoolers, babies & toddlers is back.

Mums. Dads, Grandparents & carers come and join us in the Library at 9 a.m on Wednesdays for storytime with Hairy McCarey.

Everyone is welcome. It's a lot of fun!

Premier's Reading Challenge

We are half way through the Premier's Reading Challenge now and many students are well under way or have already completed their reading !

Awesome job everyone. Keep reading!

Term 2.

The Big 6

We hope everyone had a refreshing holiday with lots of reading.

Welcome back .

During library lessons this term, students from K- 6 will be learning about a research tool we refer to as "The Big 6".

This is a model used in grades K-12 in schools across the world. It's a model with 6 stages to guide thinkers of all ages from the beginning - to middle - to the end of a project or research task. It's a process that then can be used at any stage of life to solve a problem, make a decision or complete a task.

To view these steps in more detail, you can Look at the" Information & Reference Help/ Research Tips" page of this Blog.

Holiday Reading.

Have a refreshing holiday everyone and don't forget to keep reading for your Premier's Reading Challenge!

See you next Term.

Book Tasting Cafe

There's a cafe in the library! Well, for the next 2 weeks anyway.

Years 5 & 6 are excited to be participating in a Book Tasting experience during library lessons over the next few weeks.

Our library classroom is set up like a Cafe, with tables, tablecloths, menus, mood music and platters of books in different genres.

Students spend time at each genre table and 'taste' as many books as they can. If they think they would like to read a book they have 'tasted' in the future, they record the title , genre and call number of each book on their 'menu' . This becomes a future 'want to read' list.

This is a great way to encourage students to try a wide variety of genres as well as help them to become familiar with the wide selection of books we have available in our library.

We love this experience!

the Bad Guys

The Bad Guys series of books by author Aaron Blabey have been favourites for ages.

You may have seen the trailer for a new animated movie based on these books . It's coming to the movies in a few more weeks!

We're excited!

Fun in the Library

It's been so great to see students in the Library in the mornings again this week.

We missed you!

Premier's Reading Challenge

It's time to start reading !

All students in K-6 are encouraged to complete the NSW Premier's Reading Challenge by the 19th of August this year. Class teachers and library teachers will be assisting the students each week to select books to read that are on the Premier's Reading Challenge list and will be monitoring their progress.

Students in Years 7-9 may choose whether or not to participate in the Challenge but are encouraged to do so.

For more information, check out our Premier's Reading Challenge page on this site ( under "All Things Books") or click on the link below to go to the official NSW PRC website:

Welcome Back to 2022

We are looking forward to another great year ahead !

We will keep you posted about the great things happening in the Library right here.

Don't forget to check the different pages of this Blog too. There are some great resources for students and parents!