Eckert's Ecksperts

Week of February 5th Reminders:

  • Journals due UPDATED and POSTED to websites by Sundays at 3pm. We're now back to the extra days. Use them wisely!
  • Honors: Genius Hour this Friday!
  • Check Remind. I remind you of things. Because I love you.
  • Check Google Classroom or with a friend for work missed. Meet with me for missed lessons Fridays at A or B Lunch
  • My favorite food is gumbo. It's getting about that time!
Eckert's Class Rules

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2017-2018 Course Syllabus

Parents and Students! Feel free to view my calendar! It's pretty loaded down when I'm not teaching, but it's a great way to view when I'll be off-campus this year and a cool view into the schedule of a State Teacher of The Year :-) . It'll be a challenging year, but as long as we're all working hard together, it'll be amazingly special!