Electronic Communications

Electronic Communications

Below are guidelines and best practices to keep timely, accurate, lines of communication between the staff member and students, parents, staff, and the community. Social media is filtered for students and inaccessible on student computers both at home and at school due to safety concerns and to allow more time to focus on curricular objectives. We continually reevaluate what is best for students at Warwick; for now, this is the best decision to protect our students and keep them focused on our curricular objectives.

Be a Warwick Ambassador -

Staff and students are reminded that social media posts represent Warwick and our entire community. Staff, students, and parents are all Warwick Warriors. This is a reminder that the pride and reputation of our entire community are continually built on the actions of us all.

Be Professional -

Staff, students, and parents have the 1st Amendment right to free speech. However, students must understand that free speech often is not free from repercussions. In conjunction with parents, teachers work with students in appropriate grade levels to discuss creating a positive web presence online. Speech either online or in person that is hateful, deliberately deceiving, or causes a disruption of the learning environment is not tolerated. Students should leave Warwick with a digital footprint that is attractive to future educational institutions and employers.

Be Transparent -

Employees and students should avoid private 1:1 communication via social media or through chat features. Private one-to-one communication between students and staff is limited to electronic resources provided by the District such as Warwick email or classroom applications.

Be Private -

For personal social media accounts, staff and students should elevate their privacy settings on social media accounts to limit the unnecessary disclosure of personal information. Students are not to take photos of other students or teachers without teacher direction. Teachers are not to take photos of students in their classroom for their personal social media accounts.

Be Ethical -

Staff and students must be aware of their responsibilities and only post information and photos that they own the copyright or have the legal rights to post or share.