3rd - 6th Grades

Distribution, Movement, and Collection

    • Distribution
      • During the first two weeks of school, these students will be provided a MacBook Air assigned to them for use in their classroom.
      • These will be kept in a charging cart in the classroom, when not in use.
      • Teachers will be creating age-appropriate activities for these students to practice, create, collaborate, and share their work with parents.
    • Movement
      • Students will be instructed to carry these devices with two hands as they move around the building.
      • Students will not take MacBooks home or outside of the building for any reason.
    • Collection
      • At the end of the school year, we’ll make sure all the MacBooks are cleaned and ready for the next school year.

Physical Care of Equipment

    • Cleaning Care and Maintenance
      • We’ll work with students teaching minor cleaning and care of these devices to keep them clean and sanitized.
    • Charging
      • All devices are kept in the classroom in charging carts, they should be continuously charged and ready for student use.
    • Technology Issues and Problems
      • Teachers should report problems to equipment as soon as possible and Warwick will repair or replace any malfunctioning equipment as soon as possible.
    • Asset Tags and Name Stickers
      • All laptops and bags will be labeled with a Warwick Asset sticker as well as a name sticker. These stickers may NOT be modified or tampered with in any way.


    • Internet Resources
      • The MacBooks will be one of many tools that students will be using to support their education. If students do access the Internet, it will be well monitored and the content filtered for children.
      • The MacBooks are not to be used for games, rewards, or entertainment. However, some educational games to support classroom instruction might be used by the classroom teacher.
      • Students will also have access to a iPad cart for activities that require a different device.
    • Email
      • Depending on the grade level, students will utilize their school issued email account to communicate with teachers and administrators. Under no circumstances should students use their own personal (non-Warwick issued) email to communicate with staff.
      • A student’s Warwick email is intended as a communication tool between students and staff. No outside person or organization can communicate with Warwick students through email, except those maintained in a vetted list. These would include some websites that require email verification to make accounts. Parents should not email their children using their Warwick email account, none of these messages will be delivered.
    • Backing Up Data
      • Students are responsible for backing up their personal files to Google Drive. The District or school is not responsible for students who lose files or data because they failed to save it in the right place. If a device fails or has a virus, it will be digitally wiped clean.
      • The Technology Department will not take any measures to save or recover data stored on the device that is not stored in Google Drive.


    • Sound
      • Sound should be muted at all times unless permitted by the teacher. Students are expected to bring in headphones / earbuds to be kept in the classroom.
    • Cases / Stickers
      • Students should not decorate the cases or MacBooks with stickers or anything sticky that will require cleaning.
    • Printing at school
      • This devices will print to district printers in designated areas in the buildings. You can print before or after school or It is up to teacher discretion regarding when students can retrieve printed documents. All assignments should be delivered through our learning management system, emailed, or shared using Google.

Fees and Charges

    • If accidental damage occurs, Warwick will replace the device. If deliberate destruction occurs to the MacBook, the district has the right to charge parents for the repair or replacement according to School Board Policy 224: Care and Use of School Property.
    • Potentially, used equipment will be for sale at the end of the lease cycle and would be available for parents and the community to purchase. A full listing of these devices is found on the front pages of the Warwick website.