COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act)

The Warwick School District is committed to the safety of our students, especially when it comes to young students using online resources. To this end, we regularly teach students about appropriate online behavior. These include interacting with social networks, preventing cyber-bullying, and protecting against the disclosure of personal information.

Warwick has compiled a list of interactive websites and applications approved for use, found at Each resource found on this page contains a link to a privacy policy, which describes how that website collects and uses student data.

Each of the websites and applications requires registration before use. If children are under 13 years old, they require verifiable parental consent before accounts can be created. Should a parent disagree with a website or app on the approved list, they may revoke consent at any time. If so, the teacher may opt to create an account for the students that do not contain personally identifiable information.