K, 1st, and 2nd Grades

Distribution, Movement, and Collection

    • Distribution
      • During the first two weeks of school, all of these students will have an iPad assigned to them for use in their classroom. These will be kept in a charging cart in their homeroom, when not in use.
      • Teachers will be creating age-appropriate activities for these students to practice, create, collaborate, and share their work with parents.
    • Movement
      • A padded case will hold the iPads, but students will be instructed to carry these devices with two hands as they move around the building.
      • Students will not take iPads home or outside of the building for any reason.
    • Collection
      • At the end of the school year, all the iPads will be cleaned and prepared for the next school year.

Physical Care of Equipment

    • Cleaning Care and Maintenance
      • With guidance and support, students will learn basic cleaning and care of these devices to keep them clean and sanitized.
    • Charging
      • All iPads are kept in the classroom in charging carts, they should be continuously charged and ready for student use.
    • Technical Issues
      • Teachers should report problems to equipment and the technology department will repair or replace any malfunctioning equipment as soon as possible.


    • The iPads will be one of many tools that students will be using to support their education. If students do access the Internet, it will be well monitored and the content filtered for children.
    • Students at this age level will not have email accounts.
    • The iPads are not to be used for games, rewards, or entertainment. However, some educational games that support classroom instruction might be used by the classroom teacher.
    • Students will also have access to a laptop cart for activities that require a different device.
    • Teachers will focus on Digital Citizenship skills, developmentally appropriate for their classes.


    • Sound
      • Sound should be muted at all times unless permitted by the teacher. Students are expected to bring in headphones / earbuds to be kept in the classroom.
    • Cases / Stickers
      • Warwick will provide a case for the iPad to prevent accidental damage. Students should not decorate the cases or iPads with stickers or anything sticky that will require cleaning.