Acceptable Use Policy

The Acceptable Use Policy has been developed to establish guidelines for all students and staff on the use of network resources in the district, including Internet access.

This is a board-approved policy for all staff and students designed to protect students, teachers and the District. This policy states that technology is to be used only for instructional purposes to support curricular objectives. All staff and students should use technology in a manner that is appropriate, ethical and legal. Staff members are to monitor student use of technology to be sure they are using it appropriately, ethically and legally as well.

As required by the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), Warwick has in place technology protection measures designed to block internet material deemed to be obscene or harmful. These measures are smart and dynamic, but not foolproof. The following categories of websites will be blocked: Adult content, Drugs, Gambling, Anonymizers, Chat/Messaging and Hate speech. However, staff, students or parents should report any inappropriate content to the Technology Department if some items are miscategorized and bypass the filtering systems. Please remember that an adult must monitor students at all times when they are on the Internet. Staff should report any inappropriate content to the Technology Department as they become aware of them.

The School District reserves the right to monitor any user’s utilization of School District’s technology resources. Users should have no expectation of privacy using District technology resources. For more details, please see Warwick’s complete Acceptable Use Policy posted online