Other Policies

Questions About Policies

Q. [Visitors} Can I bring my pets?

A. Unfortunately, no. ZMR does not allow pets.

Q. [Visitors] Can guests have visitors at the cabins?

A. As a safety issue for an emergency situation and due to insurance, liability and maximum occupancy issues; absolutely NO additional guests are allowed. Renters are required to inform Berkeley Springs Cottage Rentals of the total number of persons in your party and additional over party limit fees may be incurred. Also, party limit sizes are noted forZMR and we do need to adhere to these guidelines due to health code issues involving the sewage and septic systems at the cabins

Q. [Smoking] What is the Smoking Policy?

A. ZMR is non-smoking! You are welcome to smoke anywhere outside the cottage, but we ask that you do this responsibly and not throw lighted cigarettes or cigars on the ground risking a fire hazard. Please discard your smoking residue properly and please do not throw hot residue in the trash. An additional cleaning fee will be charged to any guests who do smoke inside the cabin.

Q. [Paintball] Can paint ball guns be used on cabin properties?

A. Paint Ball Guns are not allowed at The Woods Resort.

Q. [ATVs] Can I bring my ATV and ride on cabin properties?

A. NO!! NO Riding or bringing ATV’s on cabin properties.

Q. [Alcohol] Are alcoholic beverages allowed in ZMR?

A. Alcoholic beverages are allowed as long as you are of legal age to purchase alcohol. By West Virginia Law, no drinking of alcoholic beverages by persons under the legal age of 21 is allowed.