Q & A About Emergencies

Questions About Emergencies

Q. [Maintenance ] What do I do if something is not working or breaks during our stay at at ZMR?

A. We do retain services with several local contractors and maintenance persons. If something is not working properly or something breaks during your stay, you would first need to contact Berkeley Springs Cottage Rentals during regular hours. If this is an emergency situation in the off hours, please call 304-258-5300 and we would then assess the situation and either have a repairmen service the problem and if easily repairable repair the problem without interruption to your stay.

We will make every attempt to remedy the situation at the Zen Mountain Retreat (ZMR) while you are there. We do offer 24/7 emergency service for any issues at your cabin, but we do not offer refunds for any issues at the cabin that were reported after your stay. The Guest is responsible for reporting issues to us so that we have an opportunity to correct them while you are there.

Q. [Forgotten Items] What do I do if I forget something in ZMR when I leave?

A. If you find that you have forgotten something after you have left, please call us as soon as you realize that the item has been left here. If our cleaning crew has found the item and it has not been discarded we can ship it to you, although there is a $25.00 handling fee plus whatever the shipping costs would be, which would need to be paid prior to shipping the item back to you. ZMR and Berkeley Springs Cottage Rentals is not responsible for any items left in the cottage.

Q. [Emergencies] What if an emergency would arise (illness or injury) while at ZMR?

A. We do hope that your stay with us will be uneventful, but you should need to seek medical, please refer to the Visitor’s Guide in each cabin that provides complete information for the local hospitals and emergency rooms, as well as directions that can be used to provide the local 911 system the information needed to the ZMR.

Q. [Cell Phone ] How is Cell Phone Reception in that Area?

A. The Berkeley Springs Area has mountainous terrain and cell phone reception can be intermittent in many places. Most of the major cell phone carriers have decent service in the immediate downtown area of Berkeley Springs. US Cellular and Verizon have the most towers and best coverage in the Berkeley Springs Area. Sprint PCS has the next best coverage, but reception is poor off of Route 9 East and Route 9 West. Cingular and Cellular One have the poorest reception in this area.

Q. [Inclement Weather ] What if I get stuck at ZMR due to inclement weather?

A. This situation will be assessed on a case by case basis, for example if we get hit with a freak blizzard, we will not expect you to try to leave a cabin and try to maneuver through a blizzard, we value you as a customer and would like to see you return with us, therefore your well being is of our concern. If the weather becomes inclement during your stay contact 410-804-1934 and we will assess the situation and make longer stay arrangements accordingly.

Q. [Driving Conditions] Is ZMR accessible in the snow and will I need four wheel drive?

A. . If we have had snow or ice, the country roads can be covered even if the main roads have been plowed and are open. ZMR is on country roads and are sometimes tricky to maneuver in the winter. It would be advisable to have all wheel drive or four wheel drive if the weather has been bad or if they are predicting bad weather. We do have contracted persons that plow the roads to the ZMR, but these are individual contractors and they have multiple accounts to maintain, therefore we do not control when they arrive to plow the snow at the cabins. Unless there is 3 or more inches of snow, our contracted snow removal persons will not plow in order to not damage their equipment.