Call 8/29/2020

Call Overview:

Today we discussed two primary trades, a gaming peripherals company called Logitec (LOGI) and a renewable energy company called Renewable Energy Group (REGI). We also had an in-depth conversation about limit trades and what type of trade makes the most sense.

Recording of Call:

vne-mmyo-oum (2020-08-29 at 12:06 GMT-7)

This is a recording of the call from 8/29/2020. The proposed trades and investments are discussed in it.

Notes from Warren Weissbluth:

Notes from Club Call 8/29/2020

Voting Form:

Below is a google form that outlines the different trade ideas that were proposed during the call. Please fill it out as soon as possible. The recording of the call and Warren's notes can also help explain the rational for each trade.

Club Holdings as Of 9/2/2020

Acount Holdings as of 9/2/2020

TRade Request Form Results for the Call

Year-round YGN Trade Request Form Survey (Responses)