Young Investors Club

Welcome to the Young Investors Club

Our mission is to expand the financial literacy of young adults through education on investing

Who are we?

  • The Young Investors Club is one of the largest teen-only investment organizations in North America. The organization has over 80 members/investors and >$100k in Assets Under Management. The club was built by teens for teens and is a tightly knit community of Young Investors who collectively invest in and learn about the Stock Market. Most of the club’s members are between the ages of 13 to 19 years old. Unlike other investment organizations, being a part of the Young Investors Club gives teens the opportunity to learn about capital markets and invest real money in the real markets.

What Makes us different?

  • We are the largest teen based investment club in the nation if not the world! In addition, we have over 90 members in the club!

How does the club operate?

The Young Investors Club is run by teens and abides by a Governance Document that governs the procedures of the club. This includes...

  • The day-to-day operations of the club is managed by a board of directors comprised of teenagers who are elected annualy by the club members

  • The investments are held in a segregated brokerage account (jointly owned by the members). At the end of each year 50% of the portfolio is liquidated to allow for new investments

  • The group collectively decides how to invest its capital. Club members present their stock picks on conference calls. The group then collectively votes on which stocks to buy or sell (majority rules). Our investment strategy is primarily value investing

  • Conference Calls are hosted monthly, but we do have a group chat which allows faster communication among members when we need to respond quickly to rapidly changing market conditions

  • As of January 2020, Yaniv Blumenfeld is the YPO parent representative of the club and and provides valuable insight and education on the stock market during conference calls.

How can I get involved?

  • If you are a teenager and your parent or guardian has agreed to sponsor your investment, you are invited to apply to join the group! Currently, the starting minimum investment is $1500. If you decide that you are interested, you can begin by filling out the form on the Apply page on this site.

What if I have questions?