Call 10/04/2020


During this call we revisited our previous decision to put a limit order on the Logitech stock, and instead discussed buying the shares at current market pricing. We had considered a limit order at a price that was significantly below the then market price because we thought that the stock would decline in value. However, the prices remained at around the same level and we think that if there are more shutdowns during the winter that the company would see increased demand for its products. There was also a proposition made to invest in Microsoft considering this past September the price dropped and hasn't fully returned to its previous pricing. We also discussed investing in the hospitality sector since it is relatively depressed right now and could be a good long term play. We are exploring suggestions.


Holdings Report Overview:

  1. S&P is up 6.26% for the year, but down 3.23% since Sept 1st.

  2. Overall, our portfolio is up 28.8% life-to-date

  3. Our best performing stock is Amazon - up 351%

  4. Our largest position is IVV ($20,198) - an ETF tracking the S&P 500 which is up 23.86% since we bought it

  5. Boeing is worst performer- down 21%

  6. Renewable Energy up 56% since we bought it on Sept 20th.

  7. WYNN up 49% since we bought it in May

  8. JETS up 25%

  9. Canada Goose up 8.8%

  10. We are currently sitting on $15,000 of cash that can get invested


  1. Hospitality - investing in hotels. Sector is very battered and depressed right now

    • Waiting on specific investment ideas

  2. Buy 20 shares of LOGI - change from limit order to just buying stocks outright

    • When last discussed we were anticipating a decline in Logitech price since we thought it was overvalued. However, Logitech hasn’t fallen, it actually went up by 10% since the last call.

    • Now trading at $77.

    • Suggestion, buy it now before the price goes up in case of another shutdown where people are relying on these services to entertain themselves.

  3. Microsoft- 1 x share

    • The value of stock has been very volatile the last month

    • The overall 6th-month trend shows a drop at beginning of September → has not risen from then

    • Strong company → leader in Sector

    • Transitioned over the last year to more cloud services which has worked well for them

    • $206 a share


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