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Do you know someone who is doing some seriously badass doctoring? Someone who has been a role model and always had your back? Someone who has dropped mad knowledge on you? Do you have a good friend and colleague who you would trust with your grandma's life and you wish you could think of a way to tell them? LOOK NO FURTHER THAN TUESDAY TRIUMPH. Nominate that special someone here!



We're glad you said something. First of all, you can ALWAYS approach your chief residents about any struggles you might be having. We mean it when we say CALL US - let us buy you a drink or breakfast and listen. Our residency is big but you're never alone. Don't feel comfortable with us? You can text Dr. Ballester at anytime. Also, certain faculty have offered to be go-to's if you aren't sure who to approach as well - this faculty member, Brandon Amburgey can be emailed at brandon.amburgey.em@gmail.com

Need a professional? Our residency and Kettering take full financial responsibility to provide free therapy services. You can email Christine about this, who will handle it confidentially. She will provide you the phone number of a private therapist; it is confidential and he bills Kettering and never provides them your name. You can also call impact solutions who are available 24/7 and will set you up with someone. Their number is 800-227-6007 or you can go to www.myimpactsolution.com the member login is KHN.

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TBD 2020-2021 in the setting of 'RONA and other uncertainties but we're working on it!

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