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Research groups

Research Family Group at Purdue University


CARE project

Institute of Global Education for the Advancement of Innovative Learning in Daegu National University of Education


AI-Integrated English Language Teaching in K-12 Classrooms: Insights from South Korea

Authors: Woongsik Choi, Nari Kim, & Wonjin Yu (All three authors equally contributed to the manuscript)

Stimulating the Interest of Young Learners in Physics through Storytelling and STEM Activities

Authors: Babalola, Emmanuel; Yu, Wonjin; Omoze, Hillary Ongoyo; Saka, Zainab; Ojike, Favour; Adedeji, Iyanu; and Yue, Zhu

Analyzing Learning Experience in an AI Education Program for Young Learners

Authors: Wonjin Yu & Wanju Huang

The History of Low-code and No-code Approach for Computational Thinking

Author: Wonjin Yu

“The Study on an Instructional Program for A.I. Education Using a Machine Learning Platform”

“Analysis of Elementary Information Education Framework According to Digital Literacy Achievement Standards”

"Design of Artificial Intelligence Education Program based on Design-based Research"

"A Study on the Future Directions according to Analysis of Necessity of AI Education"

"Exploration of AI Curriculum Development for Graduate School of Education"

"The Development and Operation of Software Education Camp using Artificial Intelligence"

The Development of Software Teaching-Learning Model based on Machine Learning Platform