Wonjin Yu

  • PhD student in Learning, Design, and Technology at Purdue University

  • David Ross Fellowship (Purdue University, 2021-2025)

  • Elementary School Teacher in Ganglim Elementary School in South Korea

  • University lecturer for preservice teachers at the Daegu National University of Education in South Korea (2021)

  • Instructor of computing education (eg. national curriculum of software education, education with technology, etc) for in-service teachers in South Korea (2018 - 2021)

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My ultimate career goal is to contribute to computing education for all. And I believe in the power of Instructional Design. Therefore, I hope to design the instruction of computing education for K-12 and Higher education in the process of researching Learning, Design, and Technology in the future.

Learning, Design, and Technology · Computer Science Education · Computing education for all · Computational Thinking · Software Education · Education with Technology · Digital Literacy · Artificial Intelligence Education · Diversity and Equity

Room 4169, 100 N University St, West Lafayette, IN 47907

E-Mail: yu1103@purdue.edu