Information for Room Parents

Your PTA is always here to help our teachers and parents whenever and however we can. In previous years your PTA facilitated the recruitment of room parents, but we would like to offer more independence to the teachers to recruit as many, or as few parents, as they need for their classrooms. The PTA offers these guidelines for new and returning room parents.


2. Communication is key!

    • Get a class email list from your teacher. Emails should be considered confidential. When sending emails to your class parents, please send the email to yourself and BCC: your recipients.
    • Share PTA events and volunteer needs when you feel necessary.
    • Communicate teacher needs, as requested, to your families.
    • Keep in touch with your teacher and anticipate their needs.

3. Parties

    • Plan parties with your teacher.
    • There may be special events per grade level, and your grade teachers may need help with those specific events. Reach out to your other grade level room parents to coordinate such events. Those include:
      • Grandparents'/VIP Day - Kindergarten (Fall) & First Grade (Spring)
      • Veteran's Day - Second Grade
      • Third Grade Handprints & Testing
    • Use SignUp Genius to create online sign-up forms for volunteer and donation needs and send to your families.
    • The PTA reimburses each classroom up to $50/year for classroom/party expenses. This must be used for the benefit of the classroom/students, and may not be used on gifts. One room parent must be a PTA member to receive reimbursement. Use the Tax Exemption form when shopping for supplies for your classroom, and the Disbursement Request form for your reimbursements. These can be found on the Forms page of this site.

4. Gifts

    • You may wish to give a class gift, or small things from students, for your teacher's birthday and special holidays. There is a binder in the office of "Teacher Favorites" and it can be found on the school's webpage. Please also remember that some classrooms have Para-educators.
    • Teacher Appreciation Week is the first week of May. The PTA will coordinate luncheons that week, but our room parents often like to coordinate class gifts that the students create for their teachers. Please remember, the gifts are from the students, not the parents.
    • Participation in class gifts is completely optional, giving should not be kept track of to see who has or has not contributed, and it should not create a financial hardship for our families. We ask that room parents ask for no more than $5 per family per occurrence.

5. Teamwork

    • There may be more than one room parent in a class. Have fun communicating and planning with one another!
    • Split up duties and ask for help from any PTA member, or any other room parent, when you need it. Remember, it's okay to ask for help.