Similar Projects

There are a few projects similar to the WRDHP already in existence. If you know of others please submit them to us through our Facebook or our email.

  • Abandoned Florida: A photography project covering urban exploration in Florida in addition to historic building buildings. Their Facebook is here.
  • Abandoned, Old, & Interesting Places - Georgia: A Facebook page that is pretty self-descriptive.
  • Florida Backroads: They cover various obscure and lesser known areas of Florida history. Their Facebook is here.
  • Forgotten Alabama: A closed Facebook group where users post photographs of historic buildings.
  • Forgotten Georgia: A photography website that covers historic buildings throughout Georgia through user submitted photographs. Their Facebook is here.
  • Ray City History Blog: A blog with a mixture of newspaper clippings, photographs, and well-written articles. They are primarily focused upon Berrien County, GA, but also have a lot of content focusing upon South Central Georgia in general.
  • Vanishing South Georgia: A photography and history website by Brian Brown that focuses upon South Georgia. Their Facebook is here.