1884 Valdosta, GA

The physical version of this map is currently located in Plat Book 2 at the Lowndes County courthouse in Valdosta, GA. There are a few things of note about this map. It is one of the few that gives the block number and lot number for the original survey of Valdosta. The block numbers for the village of Fairview, North Valdosta, East Valdosta, and the Dasher Survey (located in the lower right of this map) are part of a separate system than that of the original survey of Valdosta.

The names of a several streets are different compared to present (2017):

  • Branch Street -> Martin Luther King Jr Drive (West of Ashley Street)
  • Dasher Street -> South Lee Street
  • Jackson Street -> J L Lomax Drive (Changed 1990)
  • Parramore Street -> East Magnolia
  • Smith Street -> Webster Street
  • Spivey Street -> East Branch (East of South Lee Street)
  • Stephens Street -> North/South Oak Street (Due to rerouting of Oak Street, unnamed on this map)
  • Ulmer Street -> South Forest Street

There also several streets whose route have change significantly:

  • Briggs Street (currently non-existent north of Hill Avenue due to construction)
  • Cason Street (Originally extended between Dasher Street and Fry Street, now broken up by the railroad into several unconnected segments)
  • Central Avenue (Originally extended into the village of Fairview as the modern West Central Place, instead of merging into West Hill Avenue)
  • South Lee Street (Originally followed the path Church Street and then South Ashley Street, before being rerouted to the Dasher Street)