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Judge Folks Huxford (16 Nov 1893 - 21 Mar 1981), son of Calvitt Huxford and Kansas Joanna Drawdy, was the foremost historian and genealogist of the Wiregrass Region. He was also a lawyer, a long time probate judge of Clinch County, and a Baptist Minister. The region is heavily indebted to his decades of dedicated research. He wrote The History of Clinch County, Georgia (1916) and The History of Brooks County, Georgia (1948). In 1951, v (Volume 1) was first published. He helped organize and research an additional six volumes before his death in 1981. In 1972, he helped establish The Huxford Genealogical Society. His library and notes form the nucleus of the Huxford-Spear Genealogical Library in Homerville, Georgia.

The journals he helped publish are full of valuable and often otherwise hard to find information. The South Georgia Historical and Genealogical Quarterly was an early attempt in 1922 by Huxford to start a journal focused upon the history of South Georgia. Unfortunately it only lasted three issues. Another journal on Wiregrass history and genealogy would not be published by Huxford until 1974. In that year, The Huxford Genealogical Society Quarterly began publication. The journal is where many of the biographical sketches that later appear in volumes of Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia were first published. The Huxford Genealogical Society Quarterly also contains many transcribed county records from Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina that have never been published elsewhere.

Several different series of biographical sketches have been published in the Quarterly.

  • Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia/Pioneers of the Wiregrass (PoWG) (1975-Present)
  • Florida's Suwanee Land Pioneers (F'sSLP) (1999 - 2006)
  • Descendants of Georgia Pioneers (DoGP) (2004 - 2006)
  • Descendants of Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia (DoPoWG) (2007)
  • Florida Wiregrass Pioneers (FWP) (2007)

From 2009 forward, the biographic sketches that appear in the Quarterly have not appeared elsewhere because additional volumes of Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia and its second series Pioneers of the Wiregrass are currently not being published. Occasionally a sketch has appeared in the Quarterly, but did not appear in a volume of Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia.

There are a few noteworthy series of transcribed county records:

  • Columbia County, Florida deeds: (Published from 2010 - 2012). The entirety of deed book A of Columbia County, Florida was published. It includes many deeds from before the courthouse fire of 1874.
  • Court of Equity Records Barnwell District, South Carolina: (Published from 1977 - 1992). This series has various court records from Barnwell District (now Barnwell County), South Carolina from the early 1800s to the late 1800s.
  • From Walden Ridge and Chickamauga to Wiregrass, Suwannee and Beyond: (Published from 2004 - 2013). This series is mainly focused on records from East Tennessee from over a wide range of time periods, but mainly the 1800s.
  • Ware County, Georgia deeds: (Published from 1993 - 2006). This series of transcribed records was compiled by E. L. "Boe" Williams (1937-2010) as an unrealized book project. This thoroughly researched series includes every re-recorded deed from Ware County, Georgia from before the courthouse fire that occurred at the county seat of Waycross on 13 October 1874. Boe Williams carefully went through New Deed Book A (1874-) to New Deed Book K (-1894).

The Quarterly has also published a number of articles from historic newspapers from the Wiregrass Region that cover births, marriages, and deaths. These notably include:

  • Blackshear Times of Pierce County, Georgia: (Published from 2005 - 2013). Articles from July 1891 to 15 December 1904 have been printed.
  • Homerville Chronicle/Clinch County News of Clinch County, Georgia: (Published from 2001 - 2014). Articles from 12 February 1897 to 20 February 1914 have been printed.
  • Quitman Free Press of Brooks County, Georgia: (Published from 2013 - 2014). Articles from 22 September 1877 to 20 December 1879 have been printed.
  • Pearson Tribune of Atkinson County, Georgia: (Published from 2010-2014). Articles from 24 May 1917 to 3 Junes 1921 have been printed.

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