Each pet has a different lifestyle and we want to make sure that your pet is best set up to live a long and healthy life. We tailor make vaccination plans and recommend parasite preventions based on your pet’s routine. Every pet has a different activity level. Some dogs seem to have boundless energy while others are content to snuggle up with you. Cats tend to regulate their activity by themselves, becoming more active at night. Cats either seem to be active or not, and it takes a very motivated owner to change that. There is a new feeding method for cats that can encourage activity called the NoBowl Feeding System.

Nutrition has a major effect on pet health. Obesity is an ever increasing problem in our companions, currently affecting an estimated 50% of them. Obesity has been linked to liver disease, pancreatic disease, Diabetes Mellitus, and skeletal problems like arthritis- diseases which can shorten a pet's life up to 2 years! We customize our dietary recommendations based upon breed, activity, and other current medical issues. We specialize in diets designed to treat medical conditions as we consider nutrition a vital component to overall wellness. If you would like to learn more about nutrition, please click here.