About Us

The Watershed Volunteer Program (WVP) is an effort to engage Northeast Ohio (NEO) residents in an array of active management projects to improve watershed conditions. Participants can create their own adventure of watershed stewardship from the range of opportunities offered, including: learning sessions, restoration projects, monitoring activities, and outreach events. Volunteers also have the chance to take on independent projects to further their involvement. WVP recognizes volunteers who have engaged in various activities by offering a Watershed Stewardship Certification.

In addition, WVP partners with several cities and organizations to assist with watershed stewardship projects throughout NEO. The ultimate goal of the program is to have volunteers share and use their knowledge in their own communities to improve watersheds throughout our region. We have participants from watersheds, such as: Big Creek, Chagrin River, Cuyahoga River, Doan Brook, Euclid Creek, Mill Creek, Rocky River, Tinker’s Creek, West Creek, and more.

Please feel free to reach out to us via wvpinfo@clevelandmetroparks.com with your thoughts, questions, or ideas!

Choose a subwatershed - or see if you can find the one you live in!- and follow its course to see how rivers and streams connect different watersheds. This interconnectedness means that watershed stewardship is crucial in many different areas. Check out ways you can protect watersheds on your own and with other volunteers through our Events and Resources pages!

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