Wabeno K12 Art

Welcome To Art!

This is the Google Site your teacher has built for the art rooms of the Wabeno Area School District. Students will be posting about their current projects and events coming up in the Arts around Wabeno and in the surrounding area. This part of the state is rich with culture and I want to make sure we are sharing that with each other and in our work!

I have lots of exciting projects, mixed media explorations, and personalized art making experiences planned for this year. However, please feel free to Tweet, message, or tell me your ideas for what you would like to try in the art room!

You are the best connection to my contemporary art and design curriculum planning!

Show me what you have found - let's learn together.

I want you to consider the art rooms as safe places for ideas and creativity to be respectfully shared and explored across grade levels and subject areas.

I am looking forward to my first year teaching Art in the Wabeno schools; let's have some fun!

Ms. Kanak


Extra Credit Opportunities:

for Students in Grades K - 12

Here are two extra credit opportunities for students in grades k-12

I would recommend doing one, or more, of these to recover lost points and credits to your grade...

Check the dates for entries to be mailed in/completed!

If you choose to enter any of these competitions, let me know so I can direct you to supplies and resources.