On Prof. Michael H. Crawford

Pictured above, the participants in the School of American Research symposium on anthropological genetics, held in 1970 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Back row (standing from left): Steven Vandenberg, Jean Benoist, Frank Livingstone, Gabriel Lasker, Peter Workman, Eugene Giles, Christy Turner, Francis Johnston, and James Spuhler.
Front row (seated
from left): Michael H. Crawford, Derek Roberts, and William Howells. Photo: Michael H. Crawford.


    • PhD in Anthropology, Biological Anthropology, University of Washington

    • MA in Anthropology, Biological Anthropology, University of Washington

    • BA in Anthropology, University of Washington


    • Charles Darwin Research Achievement Award Award (April 2016)

    • Franz Boas Research Achievement Award (April 2011)

    • Balfour-Jeffries Higuchi Award for Research Excellence Award (October 2006)

    • Argentine Academy of Science--Cordoba Award (July 2001)

    • President of Human Biology Association Award (March 1997)

    • AAAS-fellow Award (July 1996)

    • President of American Association of Anthropological Genetics Award (March 1995)


    • Prof. Crawford chaired 39 dissertation committees and 31 MA thesis committees and oversaw 20 visiting and postdoctoral fellows.


  • See his complete CV here.