Course Syllabi

Psyc 210: Statistics

Welcome to the course! For the first week of class please complete the following:

1. Read the syllabus (right).

2. Complete Survey for class:

3. Complete Survey for UNC

4. Register for Polleverywhere, Piazza and UNC Check-In.

Thank you!

Psyc 210 Syllabus Spring 20 Sathy.pdf

Psyc 530: Advanced Research Methods

Psyc 530 Fall 18.pdf

Psyc 053/089: First Year Seminar (Spring 2019)

Psyc 089 Talking About Numbers Syllabus Spring 19 Sathy.pdf

Psyc 270: Research Methods

Psyc 270 Sect 2 Fall 17 Syllabus Public.pdf