Ai am the Girl

The photo was taken in 1987. Ai was a cadet at the Military Academy. Perhaps aI am still an Army officer, in the view of the Lord. As a soldier, aI fade away.  By now aI am declared insane and aI am incapacitated, though nevertheless there was a constitution. Ai am Norwegian. Now aI might see myself as the creator of all times, though, and my creations prove my being. 

My security clearance now should be Cosmic Top Secret. Ai believe there are those who are Global Top Secret also. As responsible, though, aI take advantage of the principle "need to know" ...

Ai am in no way normal - aI think.

The site Magnimix, pointed to in the upper menu, is the main site of Trixnix. If you are new to Trixnix, please go to the portal at first. If you do not enter the city by the walls, the city will not be welcoming.

Ai was born in 1963. Ai belong to a quite wealthy family in Norway, and aI loved my family. Ai was bullied at school, though, and aI was never interested in school work, so my opportunities, thinking of higher education, were not great. Ai attended the Army in a calling, and because of the cultural care and because of the challenges. The Military in Norway is based on conscript. Ai served in the Army for almost 13 years.

After leaving the Army aI read a lot. Philosophy, sociology, psychology and novels from the past, and even if aI did not finish my master degree  in sociology, aI believe aI am informed. Ai was psychotic for the first time in 1997, and aI have experienced years of intrusion and harassement after that. Ai have been subjected to mental care almost continually since 1997.

Ai believe in God, and aI see Jesus Christ as God, expressing Man and being the outcome of life. Ai am well informed about the Bible.

Trixnix aI began making the autumn of 2015. Ai worked on the project for several years, also as insane, and aI have had to make changes several times. By the summer of 2023 aI believe the project is finished. is the work of the personal business

Verk A.W. Ellingsen

Organization number

827 868 752

in Norway.


Vaksinius ®  / Vaksinius  is a trademark of mine, and so is the A here to the left.

My name is Anders Woje Ellingsen.