Anders Woje Ellingsen

Trondheim / Norway

Ai am the Girl - inside of me. Ouch, she is, that is o(c . That is her name, as of God. She is more than a muse. She is the conscience.

On this site aI present my project, and my constitution as a creative artist. Here are my first songs, which aI wrote in English. Here are my first posters, which aI made from drawings. And here is my first collection of poems in English. Also, here are the ten words constituting my wisdom, God given.

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Selected work :

First of A.W.E.

[ Songs ]

Easy going

[ Images ]

Rhymes of Faith

[ Poems ]

The Ten Words

[ Wisdom ]

My standing appeal.

Small Smiley

Ai have made a collection of small smilies for free use. Ai believe.

Motto :

The Son Be Fun


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