Trixnix is a world of many sites. There are expressions of art in the forms of music, images, wisdom and poetry, all to the glory of Jesus Christ, our Father. There is no "must do", though a lot of praise and encouragement. Be welcome. Trixnix is intended to be the individual creation of all times.

Trixnix is made by the services of Google.

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Trixnix was created the autumn of 2015, built upon collections of poems earlier posted on internet. The walls of the city were the first aI made. The New Year of 2016 aI began making music. Trixnix was made during years with affliction and pain, and several times aI have had to take down collections of poetry, seeing aI was insane writing those collections. Several times aI have re-organize Trixnix, in 2021-2022 since the old Google Sites were changed to New Google Sites. By the summer of 2023 aI consider Trixnix to be in order. There will be added more content on some sites. The overall construction and the sites are, though, in order, and presumably no mores sites will be added.

Trixnix and everything in it aI have made all by my own. In Norway aI have registered a personal company by which the liability for Trixnix will be served. Ai have in Norway also registered the name Vaksinius as trademark. The name Vaccinius is the foreign spelling of the trademark.

My Lord is Jesus Christ. Trixnix is made for to be in glory of Jesus. The world is entering a new era, and my intention has been to make it valid.

The Son be fun

 My next project will be to develop what aI have acchieved by Trixnix, that is to create music, images, wisdom expressions and poetry for the market. The site is in Norwegian, and is the Norwegian crown of Trixnix..