Anders Woje Ellingsen

Trondheim / Norway

Throne of Prixnix

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This is my English home page. On this site I present my project, and my constitution as a creative artist. Here are my first songs, which I wrote in English. Here are my first posters, which I made from drawings. And here is my first collection of poems in English. Also, here are the ten words constituting my wisdom, God given.

My project is

Constitution :

First of A.W.E.

[ Songs ]

Easy Going

[ Images ]

Rhymes of Faith

[ Poems ]

The Ten Words

[ Wisdom ]

My standing appeal.

Appearance :

Small Smiley

I have made a collection of small smilies for free use.

Motto :

The Son Be Fun

Poetry Blog

I am working on a poetry blog.

Upper Class

I am insane, and this collection of poems proves it.

For To Be

I have made a new album of songs.

Outer Avenue

Here I will present collections of poems.


Vaksinius ® 


This site is 

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