Please do not come to UB Events if you are sick or showing cold like symptoms

Alert Level 1

UB Parties & Workshops are HELD with:

  • Contact Tracing

  • Enhanced Hygiene

  • Personal Responsibility

Alert Level 2

UB Workshops can be HELD with:

  • Event Type - Workshops only

  • Strict Contact Tracing - like Eventbrite Ticketing used to book and scan in attendees

  • 50 Person Capacity - Events can have up to a maximum of 50 people, depending on venue capacity and the ability to have 1m Social Distancing

  • Everyone Masked - throughout the duration of the UB Event

  • 1m Social Distancing - seating 1m apart

  • Enhanced Hygiene Practices - hand washing & surfaces wiped with antibacterial spray

  • Personal Responsibility

Alert Level 3

UB Parties & Workshops are Cancelled

Alert Level 4

UB Parties & Workshops are Cancelled

This page was updated on: 11 May 2021 and auto updates from the MOH website